Engineering Manager


  • Recruiting & team building: attract, recruit, coach, mentor, evaluate, and retain high-quality engineers.
  • Manage team: inspire and lead the engineering team * Code quality & standards: define standards and develop processes to ensure the highest levels of quality. Make sure that the codebase is performant, scalable, and reliable.
  • Security: ensure compliance with strict security regulations (RBL audits, PCI DSS audits, external audits…).
  • Ownership of core architecture: own the core architecture & technical vision, ensure it matches Lyra’s strategy.
  • Vision: proactively prepare systems, processes, and anticipate what Lyra’s growth will require. ## Tech stack * Languages: Java, TypeScript, JavaScript, Kotlin
  • Frameworks: Spring Boot, React, NestJS * Databases: MariaDB, Elastic Search, Couchbase, Redis * DevOps: Jenkins 2, GitLab, Ansible, Docker / Podman, OpenShift, Kubernetes * Monitoring: Kibana, Grafana, Prometheus, Sentry


  • Technical expertise: you are highly technical with expertise in infrastructure, architecture, and SaaS development. Strong passion for the craft of engineering.
  • Curious: you follow technical innovation, stay up-to-date and you have already helped an organization to move forward (e.g. suggested + led a technical migration).
  • Ownership: you have had ownership for the development and operation of a SaaS product (fintech domain is a plus) * Strong Communication: you’re as comfortable talking with the Product, Infra, Support or Sales team as you are talking to our individual engineers
  • Humble: although you have an expert’s opinion, you aren’t afraid to be proven wrong, and are open to suggestions on more efficient ways to solve a problem
  • Have led a team of 8+ developers
  • >= 8 years of experience
  • Education: B.E., B.Tech, MCA preferred

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