All in One Solution

Lyra Collect is our essential product, which is backed by Lyra Network’s robust technology. Ever since its availability, it has been extending its excellent services to the customers successfully.

As a payment institution accredited by the The French Prudential Supervision and Resolution Authority (ACPR) in 2017, Lyra Collect has its added value in an innovative comprehensive service. Thanks to its technical expertise in securing transactions and its know-how in payment account management*, Lyra Collect offers an all-in-one solution.

*Lyra Collect is not a bank and cannot substitute for a credit institution


Driven by the DNA of Lyra Network, Lyra Collect strives to achieve its goals rapidly and with enthusiasm.

With the main goal being bringing of a wide range of tools and an unparalleled quality of services to the market, Lyra is highly dynamic in its approach.

Discover the story of Lyra Network

Our foremost mission revolves around providing an undue support to the growth of our clients. We constantly aim at helping the customers seize new opportunities, such as multi-acquirer marketplaces or international expansion. Besides, we also aim at improving business’ acceptance rate while maintaining a high level of security.