Shopify is one of the most popular CMS in the world even if it is not part of Open Source CMS (and therefore paid = monthly subscription). Our payment module is free.

Its strength lies in its ease of use that requires no technical knowledge in website development and in its comprehensive and scalable offer.


Lyra Collect

  • Plugin version > v2.2.6
  • Single payment


Web:  fr-FR   en-EN   es-ES  


  • Single payment,
  • compatibility with Shopify,
  • multi-language compatibility,
  • multi-currency compatibility,
  • automatic redirection to the shop at the end of payment: 0 seconds in case of an accepted or refused payment (this value cannot be edited),
  • full or partial payment refund via the CMS Back Office,
  • payment cancellation via the CMS Back Office,
  • payment amount update via the CMS Back Office,
  • payment validation via the CMS Back Office,
  • systematic registration of orders at the end of payment via a silent URL (Instant Payment Notification URL).