Payment solution for your marketplace

Effortlessly welcome new sellers, handle payments with user-friendly tools, enjoy fully compliant data flows and expand your vision on a global scale!

Simplified flow management for your marketplace

Accept new sellers in less than 24 hours!

Our solution allows you to easily add new sellers to your marketplace with our automated API. Use this opportunity to quickly build your marketplace catalog!

Share the exposure with the sellers who join your network and manage payouts and commissions individually, according to their profile and the product category.

Conversion rate increase

Improve your conversion rates, discover new markets

When you choose a high-performance payment solution, you guarantee an enhanced user experience for every seller and end customer. Design an attractive and user-friendly marketplace while creating a unique and transparent buying experience.

Offer the right payment method at the right time, adapt your payment modes to the type of products sold and enter new markets, let us take care of compliance!


Protect yourself against fraud

Enjoy an unprecedented level of control to protect yourself against the risks linked to payments. Our risk assessment module allows you to easily create advanced rules.

This management tool is particularly well suited to marketplaces. It is a time saver when it comes to risk and chargeback management, which is essential for growing your business.

Your fully compliant marketplace

Our organization, which was approved as a payment institution in 2017, provides the marketplace-specific payment solution and is supervised by the ACPR (Banque de France). We also guarantee that we operate in a highly secure environment.

Payment means


We received individual support from the extremely dedicated technical support team throughout the implementation of the project.

Pierrette Dubar, Web Project Manager


Personalized support

Our experts will assist you at every stage of your marketplace’s life.

  • Project: compliance tips & templates
  • Launch: available resources and technical support
  • Growth: help with disputing chargebacks and anti-fraud tips

Lyra provides exceptional customer support, access to industry-leading knowledge and the ability to master every aspect of your business. We will not leave any of your questions unanswered!

Easy integration with a single API

Regardless of your marketplace development platform, our team has already taken care of all the integration resources. If you are already working with solutions like Mirakl, Origami or others, the integration is all set.
All you have to do is let us walk you through it!