Payment solution
for your marketplace



Manage all the payments from your network or professionals’ retailers (distribution, office, fintech…) through a unique solution



Made for collaborative marketplaces allowing everyone to sell and buy easily and safely: second hands, uberization …



Designed to facilitate aggregators or franchisors management by gathering professional sellers targeting similar types of buyers: foodtech, services, retail, tourism…

Manage easily your sellers

  • New sellers activated in less than 24hrs
  • Ergonomic back office to drive the activity of your sellers
  • Automation of the onboarding of your sellers via an API
  • Management of chargeback to your hand: centralized at the level of your marketplace.

Compliance & security

Either you need a collection system for third parties account in compliance with the regulation or not. We will help you with all of the process with the ACPR and we will offer you a tailor-made payment solution. Our solution is certified for the management of funds cantonment and benefits from a highly secured PCI DSS environment.

Control transfers

  • Automatic transfer with sellers frequency choice towards your EU sellers
  • Commissions directly transferred to your account
  • Management of commissions depending on the product family or sellers’ type
integration paiement e-commerce

Simplified integration

Our payment solution is interfaced with many marketplace partners such as Mirakl or Magento…

If you have developed your own marketplace platform, we will provide you with our dedicated in house API.

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PCI DSS certified and approved by the banker’s
association for credit cards (GIE CB)

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Numerous optimized and physically
managed data centers