The LYRA Group

A story of passion

Lyra began with the common dream of two passionate and success driven men (Alain Lacour & Andre Malbert):

“To revolutionize the world of payment by bringing an innovative spirit and new technologies to the market.”

The company was founded in January 2001 in Toulouse, France, following which it immediately established itself as a major player in the payment processing industry. It has contributed exceptionally for making the services of banks, brands and maintainers more extensive and useful for the users.  Our vast and in-depth knowledge of the market expectations, exceptional technical expertise and the quality of our customer care have been the source of this French success story.

Even twenty years later, the same ambition and passion continues to drive the Group’s 400 employees worldwide.

An international outlook

Lyra’s activities quickly crossed borders in order to support our international clients,
offer a global solution and ensure proximity services.

Today, [keyfigures:world:subsidiaries] subsidiaries across 3 continents work daily to support and advise clients on their questions related to payment.

Our mission

To build relevant, reliable, and secure solutions with our collective passion, expertise and to facilitate payments keeping full respect of our commitments.

Our vision

Enter into partnership with companies to make the future payments jointly and to provide excellent offers across the globe.

Our commitment

To be a true partner to the customers who recognize reliability, security, and performance of our exclusive solutions. We are committed to innovating on a daily basis and offering the best technical services with high value added to various sectors.

POS Services

Digital store


We provide highly controlled security for online and offline payments, POS network management and equipment supervision.

Passionate team

Lyra has always been surrounded by passionate people with a great sense of responsibility. The company is a result of everyone’s contribution: today it is being run by those who believed in its success from the start.

Our multicultural team is a great asset that allows us to enrich both our communication with our customers and our ability to respond to a large number of issues around the world.