Protect yourself against fraud and reduce chargebacks

Lyra knows how to adapt to different market standards while offering you powerful tools and an unprecedented level of control to protect your business. Define custom protection criterias and improve security while maintaining high conversion rates.


Risk assessment module

Take control by easily defining advanced rules based on a wide range of criteria (cart content, amount, fingerprint, payment method used, country details, etc.) that can be applied to your payments.

The evaluation of the bank data and the details that you send us is carried out in real time. This data can be enhanced by external systems such as Cybersource, Konduto, etc.

You can indicate your 3DS2 preferences and/or decide which transactions require manual validation directly via your Back Office.

This allows you to easily identify high-risk behaviors and fraudulent payment attempts to limit chargebacks.


Customized support

Our risk assessment specialists can help you refine your rules through an in-depth analysis of your payments.

In addition, we perform daily monitoring using an anti-fraud tool, allowing us to identify your areas of improvement when it comes to chargebacks and to alert you of any suspicious behavior.

Lyra, the trailblazing payment gateway of the 3DS2 technology 

3DS2 allows you to control and reduce the risk of fraud for all card payments. It provides you with a guarantee that your payments will be settled.

Lyra is in full control of this process by running its own certified 3DS servers.

Anti-fraud tools

A smart dashboard that provides data

View and manage all the payment data relevant to your business. Get a quick view of your acceptance rate, analyze the transactions of the day and the disputes in progress, change currencies, automatically challenge disputes, etc.


Helping you fight international fraud

Using our expertise in payment security and our presence on 3 continents via our 10 subsidiaries, we can provide you with solutions that comply with international regulations and local standards. Our guidance and support on the field will facilitate your international growth and provide you with a customized payment process for each country you target.