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About Lyra

Lyra India is established as a leader in securing e-commerce and proximity payments, standing amongst the most preferred partners for the financial establishments since 2007. Lyra is continuously growing to offer innovative platforms for facilitating customers with online transactions. Actively working in sectors like payment gateway services, banking solutions, white label solutions, etc. Lyra offers highly secure payment acceptance solutions like Lyra EPOS, WhatsApp Payment Solution, SIM Solution, POS routing solution, payment switch, and many more. With an established secure platform, Lyra is in compliance with PCI DSS and TLS. All the solutions offered by Lyra are meticulously tested, proved, and used across the globe making Lyra well-acknowledged online and offline payment solution provider.

By offering a stable, robust one-stop-shop for banks, customers, and all types of businesses, Lyra’s unique technology reduces transaction time and enables cost savings for its users, ensuring complete data security to acquirers and acts as a single gateway to handle multiple connections and multiple protocols.

Lyra’s payment solutions process a wide range of payment modes such as credit and debit cards, net banking, UPI, and e-wallets. They are easy to integrate and provide fast, secure, and seamless payment transfers.

Your Finance – Our Responsibility

Let Lyra take over your major responsibility, which is managing the transactions of your business on an everyday basis. With Lyra’s robust payment solutions, a business platform can put entire emphasis on managing its operations, while leaving payments’ related concerns on us. Moreover, with Lyra’s payment gateway and its API, you can manage the online payment flow with sheer ease. A group of professionals working in their own specialized fields is what makes Lyra’s services worthwhile.

So, leave the payments’ related twists of your business with us to provide your customers with simplified online payments’ experience.


What is Whatsapp Payments & its top 9 features

What is Whatsapp Payments & its top 9 features

For the first time in India Lyra has introduced an extremely convenient and on-the-spot online payment collection solution – Lyra ...
7 November 2022

Payment Processing Challenges and how Lyra can help you

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Small businesses and mobile payments

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Use Case Base

Lyra NAC(Network Access Control)

Lyra NAC(Network Access Control)

What is Lyra NAC (Network Access Control)? NAC  Network Access control – NAC, is a server that provided seamless data to the bank. NAC consists of many channels that enable communication between a payment gateway and a bank. NAC, being a highly secure and powerful server, is able to communicate ...
1 March 2019

Rural Project – Micro ATMs and RIG

The core of India is its Rural sector with 83.3 crore Indians living in the rural areas. Digital payments have provided the boost to 37.7 crore of the Indians residing in urban areas already with the quick, convenient and safe services. Simultaneously, the emphasis has also been put on the ...
22 February 2019

Demonetisation Phase

Demonetisation took place in November 2016 when all INR 500 and INR 1000 currency notes were banned by the ruling government. This was an extremely crucial time for payment gateways as the entire burden of transactions dawned upon the payment gateway industry.  Status during the phase: Lyra Network continued its ...