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What is Whatsapp Payments & its top 9 features

What is Whatsapp Payments & its top 9 features

For the first time in India Lyra has introduced an extremely convenient and on-the-spot online payment collection solution – Lyra WhatsApp Payment Solution. So, what is this WhatsApp Payment Solution? How does WhatsApp Payment work? What are the features of the WhatsApp Payment Solution? How is payment via WhatsApp beneficial ...
19 January 2022

Financial Inclusion Through E-Commerce and Lyra’s Last Mile Solution

The retail landscape has significantly shifted putting e-commerce at the forefront. The demand for digital financial products and services is playing a great role in the transformation of e-commerce. Innovative e-commerce models encouraged the use of new and innovative digital mechanisms across the regions as well the industries. This growth ...
18 January 2022

Your key to secure eCommerce transactions

Today India is buzzing with eCommerce activities due to the challenges created by the pandemic. Digital payments are at their all-time high and merchants are learning the importance of online transactions. The pandemic imposed social distancing has boosted the use of contactless payments and pushed India further on the highway ...
10 January 2022

Creating Enabling Fintech Ecosystems

Fintech in India has grown leaps and bounds thanks to the advent of technology making India one of the top fintech hubs. Thanks to the government’s push towards the digital economy and emerging technologies and innovations, India is experiencing the fintech boom. The pandemic, though has caused massive health and ...