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What is Whatsapp Payments & its top 9 features

What is Whatsapp Payments & its top 9 features

For the first time in India Lyra has introduced an extremely convenient and on-the-spot online payment collection solution – Lyra WhatsApp Payment Solution. So, what is this WhatsApp Payment Solution? How does WhatsApp Payment work? What are the features of the WhatsApp Payment Solution? How is payment via WhatsApp beneficial ...
13 April 2022

Lyra’s one of a kind POS transaction processing solution

With innovations in e-commerce and m-commerce, strong economic growth, emerging markets, and new opportunities created due to the pandemic, the Indian retail space has undergone a drastic change. The pandemic has shifted consumer behaviors towards digital payments and from accepting payments to managing the store/ business and other operations digitally, ...
12 April 2022

PayTech – The future of payments

Pandemic has made the payment landscape all over the world undergo quite a revolution. These radical and rapid structural changes moved payment mode from cash to non-cash. Making different digital payment trends like contactless cards, mobile wallets, QR payments, BNPL model, neo banking, open banking, etc. becoming popular in different ...
12 April 2022

Lyra’s Merchant Plug-In services with 3DS2 compliance

In India, most banks and fintech support the 3DS1 protocol but the 3DS2 protocol is already being implemented by an increasing number of financial institutes. Needless to say, The 3DS1 protocol will soon be replaced by 3DS2 which uses advanced technology to improve frictionless authentication, UX, UI, and other objectives. ...