Lyra building

Lyra Group

Lyra is above all a human adventure based on a common dream: to revolutionise the world of payment by bringing new technologies and an innovative spirit.
A French success story that has been going on for [keyfigures:global:experience] years!

Lyra Network

Founded in January 2001 in Toulouse, Lyra has quickly established itself as a major player in the payment industry for banks, retailers and maintenance companies. Our in-depth knowledge of market expectations, our technical/regulatory expertise and the quality of our customer care are the keys to our success.

Lyra’s activities quickly crossed borders to support our clients internationally, offering a global service and ensuring local service. Today, 11 subsidiaries are working daily to support our clients in over 50 countries.

Lyra Collect

Leveraging the expertise of Lyra Network and its payment platform, Lyra Collect offers all-in-one services. Thanks to its status as an ACPR approved payment institution since 2017, Lyra Collect provides a technical solution, an acquisition contract and personalised support for e-commerce sites, shops and marketplaces.

This ensures you have a single point of contact for all your payment needs in France and Europe.

Create together the futur of payment

Our collective passion and expertise enable us to build solutions that are relevant to our clients, innovative, reliable and secure, while respecting our commitments to facilitate payments.

Two entities with common values


We are committed to providing excellent service to our clients. Therefore, we develop in-house all the tools, interfaces, connectors… for a better control of the whole payment chain.


As a trusted partner to our clients, we provide our expertise and market knowledge on a daily basis. Your growth ambitions are ours!


Our ambition is to always provide you with a service that meets the latest regulations and security standards (PCI-DSS).


Giving our customers a clear view of the real-time status of our services is crucial. This is why we have set up a status website and an automatic alert system.

A team of enthusiasts in France…

Lyra has always surrounded itself with passionate people with a strong sense of responsibility. Our multicultural team is a guarantee of richness both in terms of exchanges with our clients and our agility in responding to a large number of issues around the world.

Direction Lyra
From left to right : Emmanuelle Ghara, CTO – Rebecca Masse, Vice Director Lyra Collect – Aurélie Tible, Marketing Director – Christophe Mariette, Sales Director – Clothilde Leclerc, Administrative and Financial Director – Cindy Abeillon, Marketing Product Manager.

… and internationally

Meet the people of Lyra

With its [keyfigures:global:employees] employees, Lyra has kept its human-sized company spirit where social ties are central and initiatives are encouraged. If you are in Paris, Toulouse, Sao Paulo, Mumbai, Barcelona, Lima, Buenos Aires, Bogota or Frankfurt, you will always be welcome in our offices!