Lyra EPOS App

Carry out quick, secure and convenient on the spot payment collections from your mobile phone

What is Lyra EPOS App?

Electronic Point of Sales System Application or EPOS App by Lyra is a mobile application for receiving payments online. It caters to the need of the Omnichannel business and eliminates the need for a physical POS machine.


Link-based payment collection

 Multichannel payment acceptance

Eliminates the need for physical hardware

Seamless flow of transactions

Maximum security with a reliable application

Fraud & Chargeback minimization

Quick cashless transaction each time

EPOS app generates a payment link that can be shared with the customer via a QR code or any communication channel (social media, email, SMS, etc.). Your customers can pay using Cards, Net Banking, Wallets, and UPI. Also, it offers multi-card payments.

E-POS by Lyra is a ready-to-use mobile app that accepts any form of payment on the go and hence, remains by your side to help you in carrying out quick, secure and convenient transactions on a daily basis.

User-friendly/ Easy and quick operability: Lyra EPOS is available for downloading directly from the play store. It has a user-friendly interface and easy operability

Link-based payment collection: This payment collection solution is payment link/ QR code enabled. Payment collection link can be created with just a click and can be shared via any messaging social media app or via QR code scanner.

Backed by strong and secure technical support: The solution is equipped with strong technical backing, support and up by the most secured Lyra Payment Gateway which ensures safe and quick processing of payment.

Multichannel payment acceptance: Lyra EPOS solution accepts Multi-card payments and allows multiple payment options like Debit, credit card, Net banking, UPI and Wallet payments. With this customers can choose the option they are comfortable with.

Redundancy of physical POS: Lyra EPOS is a mobile application which eliminates the need for physical POS machine saving the installation and maintenance charges and reduces the operational cost

How does it Work?

STEP 1: Create Link


STEP 2: Share link


STEP 3: Collect Payment




An alternative for your bulky POS machine

Share payment links via social media apps or personal messaging applications

Payment customized QR code

Simplest User Interface

Don’t worry if you don’t have a website or business app

Fraud & Chargeback minimization

Quick cashless transaction each time


No need to download additional application for payment

Simply click on the payment link to proceed with payment

No need to share personal details for payment

No need to share bank details

Can use any mode of payment

The shared payment link is backed with the most secured Lyra Payment Gateway


Lyra EPOS is

Compliant with PCI DSS V 3.2.1

Compliant with card schemes

3DS secured

Equipped with Secure Lyra Payment Gateway


Lyra epos is for you if you own businesses like



Clothing store

Pubs & Bars

Hardware shop

Coffee shop


Businesses who don’t own a website and can not afford a POS machine

Personal tutor

Brick and mortar store


Catering services

Gym & Spa

And many more

Social Media-based Businesses

Business group on WhatsApp

Business group on Facebook

Business on Instagram

And many more

Utility Bill Payments

Gas bill

Cable Bills

House Rent

And many more

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