Lyra M2M – SIM

Providing Seamless Communication Between IOT’S

Lyra offers a secure and reliable network to connect all types of POS terminals with multiple acquirers

M2M Components offered by Lyra

Solution M2M - SIM

Lyra SIM Card Management

100% WEB 2.0 application: Full online management including provision, activation, suspension, cancelation, and optional set up of sim cards with a user-friendly interface.

Real-time database: Provides data volume storage calculated per SIM card locally and globally with real-time follow up.

Transparency: Full access to information like radius, messages, events, and properties of cards

Remote Radius

The flexibility of remote radius allows you to define your own username and password per sim card or group of cards.

It protects your SIM card from Unauthorized use via a secured blocking feature.

It receives real-time follow up by filling the log of radius authentication.

It can work without the reference database.

Lyra NAC

A highly skilled multi-protocol gateway.

Two data centers, Netmagic DC@ Mumbai and DR@ Bangalore for NAC redundancy.

Transaction confidentiality between acquirers.

Dynamic parameters and Easy settings
Bottleneck management – multi incoming sockets to a single socket.

Multi dynamic routes towards acquirers.

Lyra M2M Services

Lyra’s Payment gateway comes with a back Office which is more than simply a management tool, as it improves your level of autonomy, thanks to its many features. Its multi-shop features allow you to:

  • No fees for activation
  • Invoice after SIM activation
  • No deadline to activate SIM
  • Monthly usage information per SIM card
M2M services SIM

Get Started with Lyra

On top of providing an intelligent portal used for troubleshooting Real-time transactions, these transactions are encrypted so only Lyra can see the end to end traffic flow from your POS machine to Bank, providing excellent end to end secured connectivity.

Lyra has a redundant dedicated setup with all Telcos providing them with a single stop solution. Lyra is supporting customers to get any Telco related network issue resolved by optimizing the network strength.

Lyra provides a Multi-Routing feature that means a single terminal for both banks and other Bank partners for transactions to take place. The multi routing function is used by Lyra to connect with Addhar, ticketing, Bill fetching, downloading applications, etc.


Lyra M2M mechanism integrates flawlessly providing a dashboard that gives entire SIM card overview along with card properties

  • Easy & flawless integration.
  • An easy to understand dashboard for observing SIM card performance and transactions in real-time.
  • SIM card management services like order, activation, Follow up & replacement.
  • Easy to use Diagnostic tools to identify and resolve issues
  • 24/7 support @ Lyra Help Desk
M2M Features SIM
M2M Billing - SIM

Billing facilities

  • Billing starts only after activation of SIM card
  • No constraints (timing deadline) for activation
  • Zero cost activation
  • Extranet tools at no additional cost
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