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White label solution

At the core of product/service lies security and continuous development. Developing a product/service is not as simple as it requires an influx of immense knowledge, expertise, and skills.

With a white label solution, we have made this possible by giving the merchants the ultimate power to utilize the existing product and to mold it according to their business suitability. We provide the utmost liberty to help our clientele not only manage their buyer’s data but also create a customized interface for their payment page. The white label gives you full autonomy to do it all.

Customization covers, but is not limited to the following:

  • Methods of payment
  • Technical documentation
  • Payment pages

Adding on to the advantages is the availability of this service worldwide.


  • Rebranding of the service/payment page in the bank’s brand name.
  • Full ownership of the portal
  • Multiple users based on request
  • Provision of RISK & FRAUD parameters
  • Chargeback minimisation and Quick settlement
  • Segregation of level of services
  • Quintessential service


  • Increased transparency with full access to the portal
  • Shortest onboarding time
  • Promotes the bank’s brand name
  • Cost-effective approach
  • Enhanced goodwill and customer loyalty
  • Ease with implementation of time-to-time updates

Lyra MPI

Lyra MPI forms our most robust 3-D secure plugin, which enables banks to minimize fraud and risks associated with the online payments. This plugin provides airtight security to the merchant banks in terms of shifting authentication to issuer bank of the cardholder. We, as Lyra MPI, act as vector to this secure information encrypted with SSL logic.

Lyra MPI is a complete package of myriad features, as follows:

  • Processes 2Factor Authentication 3DS transactions.
  • Certified with Visa and MasterCard, Amex, Diners.
  • Provides proven real-time Card authentication solution.
  • Renders simple merchant integration.
  • Proffers multi-platform support.
  • Enables the bank to view 3DS related communication real-time using Lyra web portal.
  • Provides the issuer ACS URL immediately on the portal whenever ACS is down.


  • Higher success rate and conversion rate
  • Maximum security with 2Factor Authentication 3DS transactions
  • Multi-currency and multi-lingual
  • Seamless integration with Payment Gateway
  • Fraud and Chargeback minimisation
  • Maintains transaction integrity

High level of security

Lyra India certified

PCI DSS certified and
approved by GIE CB

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