Receive Payments using QR code for Merchants

A stand-alone digital payment acceptance solution using QR code

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Online Payment Acceptance via a Standalone Mobile Application

This user-friendly app is tailor-made for all types of businesses. Making online payment acceptance extremely easy, the app provides an easy to understand interface. It requires minimum input for accepting online payments and offers secure transactions.

Track your Payments

A merchant can track all online payments in real-time and offer more seamless payment acceptance for customers. Online payment acceptance via QR code offers instant settlement and chargeback minimization.


Save Money on Additional Software and Hardware

Merchants can save overhead prices like an investment in physical payment accepting devices or any other supplementary online payment collection app.

How to Collect Online Payments via QR code:


Instant Bank Settlement

Manage your Online Transactions

Refund and Chargeback Management

Multiple payment options

  • Credit card / debit card
  • Internet banking
  • UPI
  • Mobile Wallets


How can QR based Online Payment Acceptance will help my Business?

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