Lyra WhatsApp Payment Solution

Lyra WhatsApp Payment Solution

A step towards effortless online/digital transaction

Introducing first time in India, effortlessly seamless and extremely convenient payment solution

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manage your transactions

Manage your transactions


PCI-DSS V.3.2.1 Secured Payments

WhatsApp: Over a billion active users worldwide!

WhatsApp is the world-renowned instant messaging service and the ideal choice of peer-to-peer communication in India and many other countries in the world. Paying via WhatsApp blends in perfectly with current e-commerce developments as a payment solution and offers the mobile user a tailor-made solution for their needs.

Lyra Whatsapp Payment solution

Why Lyra Whatsapp Payment Solution

 offers a simple yet innovative solution that uses WhatsApp Messenger to collect digital payments. With a direct partnership for payments with WhatsApp, Lyra’s main objective is to deliver a simple to use the product. This feature reduces the time taken to complete the end to end process for both merchants and customers. The customer will get a personalized user experience using WhatsApp for payments, which will align with the evolution of mobile-based consumer behavior. Lyra WhatsApp Payment Solution eliminates the need for downloading apps especially for making payments or transfers and offers a personalized user experience.

In this era of social media, payments via Whatsapp Messenger enhance Merchant-Customer Relationship. Having been equipped with the PCI-DSS 3.2.1 certification and a synchronized back office, Lyra WhatsApp Payment Solution can be used by E-Commerce sites, as a white label for banks and a payment solution for both large as well as smaller businesses.



  • WhatsApp payment solution is a direct payment method. It can be used as face to face and for non-face to face payment collection in real-time and can be used to close sales immediately.
  • Guaranteed secure payment: The Payment Solution is PCI-DSS V.3.2.1 compliant and certified by Visa, MasterCard. 
  • Perform transactions without a third-party application: As transactions happen within WhatsApp, there is no need to download third-party applications.
  • Payment notifications in the chat window: After a successful transaction, you will get a notification in the chat window
  • Sends payment order via WhatsApp without manual intervention
  • Collect payments instantly anytime anywhere
  • WhatsApp Payment Solution reduces the use of the physical POS terminal.


  • No need to share details or IFSC code: Payment via WhatsApp is similar to sending a message via app. There is no need to share the details or IFSC code.
  • An uncomplicated and simple service: Using WhatsApp to pay is as simple as sharing an image or sending a text message.
  • On the spot payment
  • Seamless transactions
  • No need for the additional application: Paying via WhatsApp eliminates the need for downloading additional apps to perform transactions.
  • Guaranteed secure payment: This payment solution focuses on security providing the highest level of trust as WhatsApp communication is always encrypted.


  • Quick onboarding with no additional cost
  • Multiple payment options
  • Customization of the payment messages
  • Send bulk payment orders via specially designed API
  • Dashboard for a clear overview of all transactions.
  • Day to day auto-generated reports for transactions
  • Fraud detection and Chargeback handling

How to use Lyra WhatsApp Payment Solution

Lyra WhatsApp Payment Solution only requires a smartphone, a free WhatsApp account, and the opening of an account with Lyra. Any payment transfer will be made exclusively via the WhatsApp application.

STEP 1: Creation of payment order

By Sending a message containing the amount, currency, and mobile number of the merchant to the LYRA certified number

STEP 2: Generation of the payment link:

Lyra sends the buyer a message containing a link to make the payment. At the same time, the merchant receives a confirmation of sending including the link, if the merchant wishes to send via another channel (mail, SMS…)

STEP 3: Finalization of payment: 

The buyer clicks on the link and is directed to a secure payment page to finalize the payment

STEP 4: Confirmation of payment:

When payment is made, the merchant receives a confirmation message

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