Lyra GPRS SIM Solution

Lyra GPRS SIM solution for banks and private acquirers to route payment / non-payments transactions through a GPRS / EDGE network.

Lyra offers multi-operator SIM cards optimized for POS terminals, with a private and end to end secured APN. Lyra’s gateway will facilitate the complete management of your GPRS/3G/4G POS fleet. Lyra’s M2M GPRS solution includes SIM card management and transaction protection with greater autonomy for daily activity (activation, suspension, real-time visualization of electronic transactions…) and an advanced search tool for your business needs.

Lyra GPRS SIM Card Solution – Features

  • Real-time status monitoring of GPRS SIM card network connectivity
  • Secure & dedicated common private APN
  • Faster transaction processing and lower failure rates
  • Management and technical reporting module, various reports in different formats are available on the Lyra web portal.


  • Partnership with multiple telecom operators.
  • Lyra infrastructure enables the customer to select the telecom operator based on the network strength of the telco in a particular circle.
  • Lyra provides its own infrastructure for Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting (AAA) management of SIM’s.


  • Availability of dedicated network communication between POS and Lyra infrastructure.
  • Easy replacement of SIM cards on the POS / ETM without reconfiguration.
  • Multiple hosts routing support by SIM card.
  • Only authorized traffic is allowed on SIM cards.


  • A customized solution as per the business requirements of the bank/customer
  • A facility to suspend/block the SIM card on a real-time basis at any given point
  • For every SIM card, the bank/customer can define the authentication parameters (User ID & Password) using a web portal
  • Facility to Region/location wise grouping/segregation of the SIM cards

POS solutions offered by Lyra India ensure maximum security and reliability with regard to the sensitive data of cardholders/customers on a daily basis. Along with the Lyra SIM solutions, Lyra also offers:

  • Real-time Distant POS management – LUMA (Lyra Update Manager), an application combined with a web portal that allows to supervise and operate POS terminals.
  • Network optimization tool – OptiNet, optimizes connection to the payment terminals by manually or automatically switching to the most efficient mobile network. OptiNet visualizes and diagnoses the status of the available mobile networks by sending real-time data to the payment gateway.
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