Secure environment

From the very beginning, Lyra has been committed to maintaining the highest level of security in the payment industry. For the past 13 years, our efforts have been rewarded with the prestigious PCI DSS certification.
Whether you operate in France or in other countries, we can help you understand and master local regulations in order to optimize your payment processes.


Data Security Standard

As a testament to our ongoing efforts in designing our information system architecture and implementing enhanced security procedures, Lyra annually passes the PCI DSS certification. This certification is increasingly harder to get every year for companies like ours that have received it several times in a row!

This is a pledge of security for your buyers with regard to their banking data.


3DS2 certification

Opt for a solution that is 3DS2-certified by various card networks (Visa, MasterCard, CB, AMEX, etc.). We offer you the possibility to transmit enriched data to issuing banks, manage your frictionless preferences and benefit from an optimized TRA (transaction risk analysis) acquirer.

Moreover, our risk assessment experts offer customized support to improve your conversion rates.

Robust international payment infrastructure

Built around our French know-how, our solution is directly connected to all French banks as well as to numerous international acquirers, attesting to the high level of trust placed in us by the financial community. Many of them (Banque Populaire, Caisse d’Épargne, Société Générale, Crédit du Nord, Firstdata, etc.) rely on our technology platform and international infrastructure to offer their customers a competitive e-commerce service.

Our teams of developers work in France and abroad as part of an agile organization to ensure that our solutions are developed in the best possible conditions and are extremely responsive.

Security, domestic and international compliance

Security, domestic and international compliance

Using our expertise in payment security and thanks to our presence on 3 continents, we can provide you with solutions that comply with international regulations and local standards.

Our guidance and support on the field will facilitate your international growth and provide you with a customized payment process adapted to each market.

Fully secure payment processes

Payment with redirection, embedded payment on your website and/or mobile payment? Regardless of the payment solution you choose, we guarantee a highly secure environment for your customers’ shopping experience.

All of our integrations are PCI DSS approved.