Lyra is world-renowned for the quality of its service in the field of securing and managing electronic banking transactions.

We provide tools tailored to the specific needs of the field and make it easy for you to manage your fleet of electronic banking equipment.

Thanks to our know-how, you benefit from solutions adapted to the technological evolution of payment terminals. By choosing Lyra for your electronic banking equipment you will gain an expert that will accompany your business throughout all the stages of its growth.

Payment security & transfer

Lyra’s core business, the processes of securing and routing of flows coming from payment terminals are managed and optimized by our services for all types of connections (IP, GPRS / 3G / 4G, PSTN, X25…).

Our service ensures maximum security and reliability for all your sensitive data on a daily basis.

Backed by this expertise and the trust of our electronic banking partners, Lyra connects over 3 million payment terminals worldwide.

High level of security


PCI DSS certified and approved by the banker’s
association for credit cards (GIE CB)


Redundant information


Numerous optimized and physically
managed data centers


LUMA (Lyra Update MAnager) is an application combined with a responsive web portal allowing to supervise and operate your entire fleet of POS terminals in real time: IP, GRPS/3G/4G, PSTN.


Thanks to the OptiNet application, the connection of GPRS / 3G / 4G payment terminals is optimized by switching (automatically or manually) to the most efficient mobile network depending on the location of the terminal.

OPTINET sends data to the gateway in real time in order to quickly visualize and diagnose the status of available mobile networks.

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