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What is Whatsapp Payments & its top 9 features

What is Whatsapp Payments & its top 9 features

For the first time in India Lyra has introduced an extremely convenient and on-the-spot online payment collection solution – Lyra ...
31 March 2021

Point of sale(POS) and Electronic point of sale(EPOS)

The point of sales (POS) terminal is a medium for the cardholder and the merchant to complete a transaction successfully. ...
25 March 2021

Benefits of Using M2M SIM Card

Using a POS terminal to accept payments is a pretty straightforward method. You enter the amount on the POS terminal, ...
22 March 2021

Benefits of end to end payment processing

Accepting online payments, in reality, can become a headache if not facilitated correctly. It starts from opening a merchant account ...