5 Fascinating Facts about Lyra’s Payment Gateway

Being an international payment service provider, Lyra Network Pvt. Ltd. has introduced its online payment system in India.

As the payment gateway, Lyra offers innovative services to optimize your sales on different channels. Lyra payment gateway is exclusively devised and developed with technical expertise and wide knowledge of markets that Lyra possesses because of its international subsidiaries present across the globe.

Lyra payment gateway, being equipped with robust technical support, adds to the online payment benefits for a business.

There are myriad benefits of online payments for customers as well which aids the online businesses in boosting their sales to a greater extent.

With the provision of both websites as well as API services, Lyra payment gateway offers its beneficial and robust support throughout the process and settlement of the transaction.

Below are the 5 fascinating facts about Lyra’s payment gateway that will help you understand the usefulness of adopting it for your online business:

  1. Successful in various countries abroad

Lyra’s payment gateway has been offering exquisite services in many other parts of the world, is already extremely successful amongst the merchants and banks in those countries.

Lyra has its offices in France, Germany, Spain, Mexico, Algeria, Colombia, Peru, Brazil, Chile, and Argentina.

In all these countries Lyra’s payment gateway is rendering the merchants and banks with excellent services with its quick, robust, and convenient online payment platform.

  1. Quick and robust technical support directly from France

Apart from the company’s French team (of French origin) working in India’s office In Mumbai, the online payment gateway Lyra’s payment gateway is constantly supported by the quick and robust technical support from France which makes it even more reliable.

Lyra’s payment gateway is devised to stand out in the market and perform for the benefit of not only the merchants but also the customers simultaneously.

While it provides a quick and extremely secure transaction process with a high success rate for the merchants; it makes the payments flow quick, smooth, and hassle-free for the customers.

This, in turn, aids the merchants to gain momentum and invigorate online sales. Merchants with such a robust online payment system/platform, gain the loyalty of the customers for future sales consequently.

  1. Seamless transaction flow

As mentioned above, Lyra’s online platform Lyra’s payment gateway renders you with a seamless transaction flow.

Its swift action with regard to making the transaction of the payments go through into the merchant’s account from the issuer’s bank adds to its beneficial services offered.

It is dynamic in its approach, in accordance with the changes in the market and industry, and aids the merchants with the continuous transaction flow throughout.

  1. No Setup fee

Lyra’s payment gateway, having the provision of no setup fee, adds to the beneficial services offered to its clients/merchants. It features no additional cost in setting up the service for either website or API service.

Having claimed that, Lyra’s payment gateway is known to provide quality services to its clients simultaneously.

  1. Offers various payment methods

Along with offering online payment benefits to the businesses, Lyra’s payment gateway is dedicated to also offering the benefits of online payments to the customers of the merchants.

It renders both the merchants and the customers a smooth, quick, convenient, and secure transaction flow.

It offers various payment methods, namely, Manual, Payment via e-mail and SMS, EMI Payment option, Split payments, 1-click-check-out, Multi-card payments, Debit, credit card, and net banking options, and wallet payments.

These various payment methods assist the clients in managing the risks well and getting a higher success rate simultaneously.