Smartest Ways To Accept Online Payments In 2021

COVID has changed our lifestyle beyond imagination affecting nearly all the aspects. And customer behavior is one of them.

Irrespective of the type of business, nearly all the merchants and businesses are forced to accept online payments following the social distancing norm.

Customers are also preferring to pay online rather than coming in contact with physical money.

Considering the situation, digital payment methods are proving to be the smartest way to accept payments online and merchants are exploring the different possibilities and types of digital payment methods to keep customers satisfied.

So, what are some of the smartest ways to accept online payments?

Card payments – One of the most common, popular, and preferred method to accept digital payments is to accept card payments.

Offering a card payment option for the customer is one of the basic forms of accepting online payments. This includes VISA, MasterCard, credit, debit cards, prepaid cards, gift cards, etc.

Integrating your business with an online payment gateway – Integrating online payment gateway is also a simple form to collect online payments.

With the help of a payment gateway, a customer can directly pay on your websites.

Nowadays payment gateway service providers offer various services to ease the online payment collection.

Some of them are providing a white-label payment page, creating accounts for customers, etc.

A white-label payment page can help you with customized the payment page as per your liking. Without any redirection or pop-ups, the customer can go ahead with online payment.

You can offer a simple and easy method for customers.

Allowing customers to create accounts on the website customers can keep track of their transactions and orders and this may convert one-time customers to a returnee.

Now with no setup fee and zero maintenance fee get a payment gateway that is the best fit for your business. 

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Mobile payments – This era is the era of mobile. Customers prefer mobile payments over traditional ones and with the rise of gen Z  mobile payments are indispensable for businesses.

A simple observation is people may not have cash or their wallet on them, but they have their mobile devices with them all the time.

And thanks to the telecom service provider’s data plans, everyone has and is acquainted with the internet and how to use it on mobile.

So, accepting mobile payments is nothing but beneficial for your business. And if your business has the mobile application of a business website, all the more reason to accept online mobile payments and give customers a unique shopping experience with simplicity.

QR codes – if you own a business that provides day to day necessities like pharmacy, fruits, vegetables stall, etc. or if you own a cafe, a saloon, restaurant, etc.

QR enabled payment is your to-go payment method. Irrespective of business type or model, QR payments provide an easy, hassle-free payment acceptance solution that maintains the social distancing norm.

QR or quick response codes consist of a matrix of bar codes with encrypted information, which can get accessible after scanning the code.

In case of payment acceptance, the encrypted information will be, transaction details, bank details, merchant details, or a redirection link to the payment page.

QR codes are customizable and anyone who has an access to the camera scanner and online bank account can scan and pay via QR codes for products or services.

Payments through QR codes are the easiest and secure way to accept online payments for both merchants and customers.

Payment links – What is a payment link? It is a method in which a payment request is generated by the merchant via a customized link.

Online payment acceptance via payment link is one of the secure and hassle-free methods of payment acceptance.

This is the most convenient method for freelancers, social media businesses, or businesses with no websites.

But irrespective of the business type, payment like have proven to be a customer as well as merchant friendly payment method.

Payment links are customized and can be shared via any messaging application or social media application.

The customer just has to click on the payment link and then the link will redirect the customer to the payment page.

Whatsapp Payment collectionWhatsApp payment collection is one of the most advantageous payment collection methods for merchants.

WhatsApp pays for businesses can offer customers a very unique and personal shopping experience. From showcasing to marketing to selling, everything can be done via WhatsApp messenger.

Whatsapp messenger is one of the most popular and commonly used social messaging applications. Accepting payments via WhatsApp works in three easy steps,

1. Creating a payment link

2. Sharing the link via WhatsApp

3. Accept the payment.

The customer just has to click on the payment link and initiate the payment.

Know more about the WhatsApp payment collection solution.

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