Accept online payments for your beauty and wellness business with Lyra

The pandemic has fundamentally changed the way customers interact with businesses.

Therefore Almost all industries and sectors are shifting to the virtual medium and the beauty and wellness sector is not an exception.

As many sectors shut their doors due to pandemic repercussions, customers also start scheduling beauty maintenance less frequently.

Salons and other beauty and wellness outlets started to get all their retail online and customers welcomed this change.

Online yoga and meditation sessions, online health consultation, etc. became a trend and right from scheduling appointments to payments, after that the beauty and wellness sector started its virtual journey.

As the social behavior of customers is changing, However, people are getting more comfortable with online payments and thus the industry is forced to develop solutions/services with more online engagement.

Customers are getting accustomed to the speed and convenience of contactless and digital payments and the experts believe with the increasing popularity of digital/ contactless payments, customers won’t return to their pre-pandemic ways of interacting with service-based retailers any time soon.

Above all, With the increasing pressure of meeting expectations from customer beauty and health, retailers have to make sure to not only consider customization but also seamless connectivity and ease of accepting digital payments.

How can Lyra help your business?

Have your own website and want to accept online payments?

  • Lyra’s payment gateway is here to offer you a seamless connectivity platform to accept online payments.
  • With quick onboarding and easy integration, your business can start accepting digital payments in no time.
  • Not only does Lyra enable a tailor-made solution for your business, but you can also integrate 40+ shopping cart plugins and 100+ payment methods.
  • With multi-currency management, Lyra’s payment gateway is designed for all devices and is compatible with Android and IOS.

What customers crave while online shopping is uniqueness and a user-friendly interface. With Lyra’s payment gateway, you can offer your customers an easy, unique, and user-friendly solution creating an ideal customer journey.

Lyra also offers innovative options like save the card, 1-click check out, multiple user access, advanced refund management, etc. that are convenient for your customers and eventually help businesses retain the old customers and get new ones.

Want to monitor and manage your transactions?

Lyra payment gateway comes with a powerful back-office tool that helps businesses manage and monitor transactions in real-time.

You can view your digital payments and their status and also facilitate accounting management. Click here to know more features

Don’t have a website but want to accept online payments in-store?

Similarly, Lyra offers a quick, secure and convenient, and on-the-spot digital payment collection application. With this app, you can carry out online payments through your mobile phone.

Replacing your bulky POS system, Lyra’s EPOS (Electronic Point of Sales) is a mobile application.

You can accept online payments via a link or with a QR code. With the seamless flow of transactions, EPOS allows businesses to accept on-the-spot multichannel payments.

With an easy and user-friendly experience and backed by strong and secure technical support, EPOS caters to omnichannel business needs. It works in three easy steps,

  • Create a link
  • Share a link
  • Collect payment

Get to know the EPOS app here

Have a social media business and want to accept online payments?

The best way to collect online payments for your social media business is via WhatsApp. With this world-renowned application, you can collect on the spot online payments with ease and Lyra is here to help you with payment collection and for seamless payment collection, manage transactions, and get daily transaction report analysis. In other words, Lyra’s WhatsApp Payment Collection Solution allows you to collect bulk payment orders with a specially designed API and offers you an easy-to-understand dashboard for a clear view of transactions. Above all, WhatsApp payment collection works in four simple steps,

  • Creation of the payment order
  • Generation of the payment link
  • Finalization of the payment
  • Confirmation of the payment

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