Accept Online Payments Via a Payment Link

Online payments are becoming more popular and with the pandemic enforced restrictions are a necessity.

As Many businesses moved to the digital platform for showcasing, marketing, and selling their products and solutions, accepting online payments was inevitable.

Many businesses rely on social media and many developed their own shop website or mobile application.

For such businesses, it is relatively easy to accept online payments via integrating an online payment processing solution with the website or an app. But what about the other category.

Some businesses, for many reasons, can’t create websites or apps, they mainly do their promotions and all other business-related tasks via messaging applications or social media.

The solution for this problem is a third-party online payment processing mobile application.

But the problem with it is many such applications are required to be downloaded by the customers t complete the transactions.

Two words – Payment links

After that accepting online payment via payment, links are easy and convenient. With payment links, merchants can request online payments by creating and sharing the payment link.

This enables instant, on-the-spot payments, and faster transactions. It works in following easy steps.
  • Merchant generates a payment link
  • Merchant shares the payment link
  • The customer gets the link
  • Customer clicks on the link
  • The link then redirects the customer to the secure payment page
  • Customers make an online payment with offered methods(wallet, UPI, cards, net banking, etc)
  • Merchant gets notification after successful payment.

But how to make sure that the creating and sharing payment orders, transactions, and online payment acceptance via payment link is safe?

Opt for Lyra’s WhatsApp Payment Acceptance Solution

Lyra’s WhatsApp Payment Acceptance Solution is a simple-to-use solution that reduces the time taken to complete end-to-end transactions.

WhatsApp is considered an ideal choice for peer-to-peer communication all over the world.

Similarly, WhatsApp blends perfectly with current e-commerce and marketing strategies developments.

It is a standalone business solution where merchants can connect with an individual as well as a group of customers, promote company and travel packages information, assess customer experience, create a follow-up and collect online payments.

WhatsApp messages are encrypted and with Lyra’s most secured payment gateway backing up all online transactions. Lyra WhatsApp Payment Solution enables secure online transactions.

This solution is also certified by VISA and MasterCard,  PCI DSS compliant. And follows all of the government’s data security standards.

In addition to its simple-to-use functions and special API to generate bulk payment orders.  merchants can offer a more personalized shopping experience.

WhatsApp Payment Solution works in these easy steps
  • The merchant creates a payment order by sending a message (with details – amount, currency, and mobile number) to the Lyra-certified number
  • Lyra generates a payment link and sends this link to the customer. At the same time, the merchant also receives the confirmation message and the link (if the merchant wishes to share the link via another messaging application)
  • The customer receives the payment link. By simply clicking on the link, the customer can initiate the payment. The link redirects the customer t the secure payment page where the customer can fill in the necessary details to finalize the transaction.
  • When the transaction completes, the merchant receives the confirmation message

Here is the detailed process

Above all transactions done via payment, link are secure as they don’t need customers to send or share their personal and bank details.

So, what are you waiting for? Get onboard with Lyra’s fastest merchant onboarding and integration and start accepting online payments via a payment link.

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