Online Payment Processing Needs

The popularity of eCommerce is on the rise and accepting online payments is becoming a prerequisite for businesses, irrespective of the company size.

E-payment systems are becoming relevant with the social and technological trends intersecting and with the intervention of social distancing due to COVID19.

Here are the advantages of accepting online payments.

Advantages of online payments

With these numerous benefits, accepting digital payments can surely be counted as a great opportunity to make sales and to make your business more successful.

Now, to implement an online payment processing system, you can go to card operators, banks, or payment solution providers, but, before going to them, you have to consider some important things,

Choosing a payment solution

Now, considering the number of thoughts you have to put into deciding a perfect payment solution for your business, you can either browse through the list of entities or you can partner with.

Why Lyra?

Well, this would be the first and obvious question. Here is why,

Payment method options – 

Customers are getting used to digital payments and find great comfort in them as it enables them to browse shop, and pay from anywhere at any time.

Considering this trend there is a rise in options through which online payments are done. There are card payments, UPI, mobile wallets, payment links, QR code enabled payments, etc.

Some options are widely popular among the customers, while some are used by niche groups of customers.

So, if customers will get their preferred payment method, the cart abandonment rate will surely decrease. Lyra offers a wide variety of local and global payment methods.

When it comes to accepting digital payments, just like payment methods, you need to consider the different payment modes your business will be accepting.

Lyra also supports different payment modes, like recurring payments, EMI, split payments, etc.

Online payment options 2

Security – 

One of the reasons people don’t opt for online payments is security. Customers often avoid digital payments due to fear of online fraud.

Lyra can be your secure and reliable payment partner. With India’s most secure payment gateway,

Lyra offers payment solutions that are PCI DSS compliant and follow the government’s data security regulations and encryption standards.

The solutions offered by Lyra are SSL layered are 3D secured and certified by VISA, MasterCard, and NPCI.

With these security features, you can ensure your customer that the transaction is secure and gain yourself some royalty and loyalty points.

Add on tools and additional features – 

Being partnered with Lyra is much more than just accepting online payments. Lyra offers a variety of add-on tools for your business and payment analysis.

These solutions help you foster your local and international business successfully.

Lyra’s powerful back-office system  – Lyra offers a back-office system that can be considered more than a simple management tool. With this system, you can view transaction status in real-time.

The back office system enables you to perform and manage e-payment activities such as scheduling payment orders, cancellation or refund of payments, etc.

You can also manage rules such as notification rules, and fraud rules as per your business requirements.

It facilitates account management and improves the business’s level of autonomy.

Dynamic routing – Lyra offers intelligent routing technology. This technology is a rule-based system that calculates the best possible route to ensure maximum payment acceptance rates.

It works in real-time and enables flexible processing, cost optimization, increased acceptance rate, and an increase in payment success rate.

LUMA – if you are opting for Lyra’s SIm solutions for your POS, LUMA or Lyra Update Manager enables you to supervise, manage and operate your entire fleet of POS terminals. This application comes with a responsive web portal and works in real-time.

OptNet – Speaking of Lyra’s Sim Solutions, OptiNet allows optimized switching of payment terminals to the most efficient mobile network automatically (on manually).

Lyra’s Payment SwitchLyra’s payment switch is a robust and secure platform that provides authorization and switching enabling a higher success rate and faster processing time for both offline and online transactions.

It saves your company from connectivity and security issues by dynamically routing payment transactions and revamping transaction success rates.

White label solution – Want a customized payment page? Don’t worry, Lyra’s white label solution offers businesses a customized payment page and molds it according to the business requirements and needs.

It rebrands the payment or service page in the brand name. With the white label solution, merchants can customize the interface, payment methods, etc., and manage their customer’s data.

It is easy to implement, gives the business a cost-effective approach, and definitely helps to earn some brownie points from customers.

Along with all these and more features, Lyra also offers a 3D secure plugin, Lyra MPI for banks to minimize the fraud associated with digital payments.

With quick onboarding, easy integration, and zero setup fees, Lyra takes over your major responsibility of managing transactions on daily basis.

40+ shopping cart plugins and 100+payment methods, Lyra’s solutions are designed and build for all devices.

An established international presence, Lyra offers multi-currency management.

Lyra also offers much-needed anti-fraud tools and chargeback management tools. Lyra helps merchants to access tools tailored specifically per their needs.

Get to know Lyra’s robust payment solutions

LYRA products
LYRA products

Your finance – our responsibility

From eCommerce website to call center, from payment via links to payment via email, from chatbots to IVR, Lyra’s payment solutions not only help you to retain your customers but also helps to acquire new ones.

So, what are you waiting for?

For high acceptance and success rates, a dedicated and tailor-made solution for your business,

easy to integrate, user-friendly applications, to provide customers with simplified online transactions and a secure, easy flow of transactions,

get on board with Lyra and leave the payment-related twist with us.

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