If you are looking for an alternative to a bulky POS, Lyra EPOS app is a great fit for you.

Many small businesses are worried about the cost and complexity of a full POS system. In addition to hardware and software costs, POS has to be installed, maintained, regularly updated, and needs trained staff to use it.

What is an EPOS (Electronic Point Of Sales) app?

EPOS stands for electronic point of sale and is specially designed to provide the user with a convenient method of receiving payments or making transactions.

Being available on the play store for easy downloading, it offers quick access to receiving payments without going through any hassle. It even caters to the needs of an Omnichannel business as it is readily there on your mobile phone for making quick and convenient transactions. 

EPOS app, being an advanced version of the POS, has taken over the finances/making transactions of many businesses altogether. EPOS comes with many distinct features of which there are myriad benefits.

It is a widely accepted platform recently as it is quite convenient for businesses to keep an EPOS handy, which is right there in one’s mobile phone.

What to look for in an EPOS

If you want a payment collection solution which,

  • Offers seamless payment collection experience
  • Accepts all payment types around the world, including eWallets.
  • Offers real-time payment collection
  • Provides Fraud & Chargeback minimisation
  • Is PCI DSS 3.2.1 secured
  • Is backed up with secured payment gateway
  • Is backed with a route switching technology
  • Provides link-based sharing payment collection

Lyra EPOS is a way to go

As far as Lyra’s EPOS is concerned, it is a ready-to-use mobile application that accepts any form of payments on the go and hence, remains by your side to help you in carrying out quick, secure and convenient transactions on a daily basis.

Link-based payment collection

The merchant just has to enter the amount and generate a payment collection link with a simple click. This link can be shared with the customer either via QR code or any communication channel (social media, email, SMS, etc.) 

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Why Payment via EPOS App is easy?

  1. Easy to share links
  2. Links with variable and fixed amounts
  3. Collect payments in installments
  4. Can share link anytime anywhere
  5. Collect money without any website or installing any additional application 
  6. No interoperability issue

Who can use EPOS: suited for all businesses, both online and offline.

EPOS can be used by all offline and online businesses.

Using EPOS for payment collection is not limited to the big merchants or companies, it is suited for all types of business, may it be online offline, small or big.

Some entrepreneurs, small merchants, home-based businesses like local flower shops, dairies, home tutors or tuition classes don’t have a business website and can not afford costly hardware like POS machines.

Many home-based businesses use social media sites like Facebook or Instagram for selling their products online. These types of businesses can also use EPOS for payment collection.

Some local shopping stores use virtual terminals or swipe machines which are costly, hard to maintain and need the training to handle payments. Using EPOS can be a great alternative to collect online/digital payments removing costly hardware out of the picture.

What are the benefits of an EPOS App?

Easy for a merchant to collect payments: Merchant just has to log in and enter the amount for generation of payment link. Lyra Epos provides a secure platform with quickest merchant onboarding.

Easy for customers to pay: EPOS offers multi-channel payment collection, so the customer can use any channel for digital payment like e-wallets, credit cards, debit cards, net banking, etc. The payment link is backed up with the most secure Lyra Payment Gateway which ensures safe transactions.

A great way to build customer relationship strategy: EPOS creates QR codes or payment links which can be shared via any messaging app, via email or via any social media app.

As the link can be copied, a merchant can send a customized message to the customer with an embedded payment link. These links can also be embedded directly into electronic/ online invoices for faster payments.

This can help merchants build great customer relationship strategies. 

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How Lyra EPOS (Electronic Point of Sale) application works?



Features of Lyra’s EPOS

  1. Available right from your mobile play store
  2. Payment link/QR-code enabled
  3. Quick processing of payment
  4. Multi-card payments
  5. Debit, Credit card, and Net Banking options
  6. UPI and Wallet payments
  7. Backed by strong and secure technical support
  8. Easy and quick operability

Lyra’s EPOS is an extremely useful application for consumers and businesses alike as it helps save time, adds value and makes shopping full of convenience. At the heart of any business may it be a retail environment, restaurant or supermarket should be a good portable technology like the EPOS application, which makes all of this possible.


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