Lyra Sim Solutions

POS terminals are and always will be considered as one of the favorite options for transactions.

With contactless payments and card payments becoming more popular and POS providers innovating POS terminals beyond just accepting payments, POS is here to stay.

At the very heart of this POS resides a SIM embedded with the software providing secured connectivity and enabling cards to perform transactions.

So, while deciding to buy a POS terminal, SIM card and SIM card management is one of the most important factors to consider.

Lyra offers POS routing solutions for you to control your fleet of POS terminals, SIMs and manage them remotely.

So, what is the ‘Lyra POS routing solution’, and what are its features?

Lyra POS Routing Solution

The simplest route to process and receive all the digital transactions of a business across India.

The company also offers its Lyra SIM solutions services through multi-brand POS terminal offerings such as GPRS, IP, and 2G / 3G / 4G networks.

Lyra POS solutions enable secure routing for payment terminals. With maximum security and reliability, POS solution keeps sensitive data safe.

Point of sales SIM solution features subscription packages to manage your costs and provides the benefit of the quick setup of POS terminals via a web portal.

It equips the POS machine with a high-speed truncation process and real-time transaction tracking system

Features of Lyra POS Solutions-

LUMA LUMA or (Lyra Update Manager) is an application used for distant POS management.

Combined with the web portal LUMA is an extremely user-friendly tool. It enables supervising and operation of POS terminals. LUMA,

  1. Operates in real-time and displays real-time information
  2. Intervene on the move with a responsive Web Back Office
  3. Save time in the daily management of your fleets
  4. Reduce your operating costs for your POS fleet and the associated maintenance (modification, additions, or software updates of POS in the field, customer support)
  5. Offer your customers a responsive hotline service
  6. Reduce your response times
  7. Manage regulatory changes responsively
  8. Is available for multi-connectivity terminals – PSTN, GPRS, IP, 3G, etc.

LUMA can be customized as per requirements (wallpaper, logo, text color) and can be configured/ automated to send and view gateway parameters and other parameters. All data available with LUMA can be exported in the CSV file format to keep for record and it allows automatic time-zone synchronization. LUMA displays real-time information like POS details, memory status, SSL profiles, terminal connection types, and status, etc.

OptiNet – OptiNet is a network optimization tool that connects GPRS, 3G, 4G payment terminals. This connection is optimized by switching to the most efficient mobile network available. Switching can be done automatically or it can be set manually. Depending on the POS terminal location, OptiNet selects the most efficient network from the list of available networks and switches on that network.


  1. Enables remote control of the POS Terminal
  2. measurement of the signal-strength
  3. Diagnosis of mobile networks with indications on the current operator
  4. Trigger features via Text Message

Security –

Lyra SIM solutions for POS offer secured connectivity via SIM cards in POS terminals. This security is enabled via secure and private APN with pan India coverage.

Lyra POS SIM solution is recognized as one of the best services in securing and managing electronic payment transactions.

Its PCI-DSS compliance enables the merchant to make secure transactions and thus, helps in combating fraud-related risks.

This is a unique solution to equip your POS machine with, and thus, renders you the facility of the best type of electronic payment.

It offers a dual authentication platform along with a robust SSL/TSL encrypted communication channel.

Lyra’s POS solution also enables real-time status monitoring of network connectivity and quick technical troubleshooting & analysis.

Any and every network – Lyra POS solution manages and optimizes various types of connections like GPRS, 3G, 4G, WiFi, LAN, Lyra secured Switch software, IP, PSTN, M2M, etc.

Lyra offers an equipment management gateway for all these types of connections with easy subscription management and associated diagnostics.

Lyra’s SIM solutions is optimized for the POS terminals with a private end-to-end secured APN.

Lyra’s gateway facilitates any and every connection type enabling greater advantage for your business.

Boost your business with one simple solution for processing and receiving digital payments by businesses across India and worldwide.

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