The retail landscape has significantly shifted putting e-commerce at the forefront.

The demand for digital financial products and services is playing a great role in the transformation of e-commerce.

Innovative e-commerce models encouraged the use of new and innovative digital mechanisms across the regions as well the industries.

This growth and demand have eventually given a great push to financial inclusion.

New platforms are gaining relevance in emerging markets opening up opportunities to niche platforms and markets.

For businesses to make it big in the world of e-commerce the right kind of financial assistance is required. Similarly, there is an unbanked chunk of the population detached from the benefits of eCommerce.

The advantages of digital payments are evident but an expansion of eCommerce and financial inclusion towards underserved segments is also critical.

Facilities like quick mobile payments and digital wallets have made it easier for everyone to do online banking.

With their innovative tools and payment platforms, they make it convenient for everyone to make online transactions and thus participate in eCommerce growth.

Fintechs can play an important role in financial inclusion by bringing merchants and consumers together to build a strong foundation for an e-commerce platform

Lyra offers multiple online payment processing solutions supporting financial inclusion by facilitating secure online transactions.

Lyra’s payment gateway, EPOS, WhatsApp payment solutions are used by many e-commerce businesses to carry out frictionless online payments.

Lyra is also enabling online payments for rural and remote India with Lyra’s Last mile Solution.

A major population of India still lives in villages and remote areas. Restriction on traveling and restriction on physically handling the cash was one of the biggest issues faced by rural India.

Poor network connectivity is another issue that is faced by rural and remote India. There is no uninterrupted network for online transactions.

As there is a network connectivity problem in remote locations, the provision of micro ATMs consists of features that make withdrawals easier, quick, and convenient for the residents of rural areas.

With the Last Mile Connectivity Solution Lyra has enabled digital transactions in rural areas with faster speed and secure technology.

Take a glimpse at Lyra’s Last Mile Connectivity Solution