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Payment Solutions for Businesses and Freelancers

Online Payment solutions for freelancers

Whether you are a freelancer, home owned business, social media business owner or a professional, accepting payments is going to be easier than ever!!

Introducing Lyra’s digital payment acceptance solutions for registered businesses.
Simple and hassle-free solutions for digital payment acceptance for businesses of all sizes and nature.


Fashion Business


Hospitality Business


eCommerce Business


Insurance Business

Education Business


Music Business


Entertainment Business


Travel & Tourism Business


Handicraft Business


Wellness Business

Payment Methods

Receive Payments Online using Payment Links

Payment link is a mode of digital payment collection, where the merchant requests the payment via sharing the link customer. Payment link contains all the information about the payment to be received. This link acts as a traditional ‘Pay now’ or ‘pay invoice’ button on the webpage. This link can be shared via any mode of messaging application or via QR code to one or to a group of the customers. Customers can initiate the payment by clicking on the link and proceeding to the payment gateway page.

Introducing Lyra EPOS – a convenient and seamless payment acceptance solution. With Lyra’s EPOS, receive digital payments without any external hardware or any third-party application. EPOS application is a secured payment collection solution, where the merchant can share a QR code or payment link to customers.

  • Link / QR based payment collection
  • Multichannel payment acceptance
  • Redundancy of physical POS
Working of Lyra EPOS
Working of Lyra Whatsapp Payment Solution

Receive Payments Online via WhatsApp

WhatsApp Payment Solution is a simple payment acceptance solution for you and your customers. WhatsApp Payment Solution is a convenient and seamless payment collection solution that uses WhatsApp messenger to collect digital payments.

For the first time in India, Lyra has introduced an integral, standalone business solution where merchants can connect with an individual as well as a group of customers, promote company and travel packages information, assess customer experience, create a follow-up and collect online payments driving business growth to higher levels and overcome online payments acceptance challenges.Completely secured and in compliance with PCI-DSS standards, this solution provides a unique payment experience for both customers and merchants.

  • Direct and real time payment acceptance.
  • Payment transactions without a third-party application.
  • Sends payment order via WhatsApp without manual intervention
  • Send bulk payment acceptance orders

More than just Payment Collection

These solutions remain by your side to help you in carrying out quick, and secure transactions on a daily basis. Send customized messages along with the payment link and increase your brand loyalty! Showcase your products, get feedback from customers and boost your business.



One app for all: No need for third party application or any external hardware

Multiple payment options: Choose from 150 + payment options available like UPI, internet banking, mobile wallet, etc.

Fast settlement: Get fast settlement of payments along with chargeback minimization and fraud analysis

Accept payments from WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, SMS and more: Share link via social media application and give your customers a flexible and smooth payment experience

Convenience for customers: No need for customers to download any app to pay. Just click on the link and initiate the payment.

Track payments: With efficient back office, keep track of all your transactions in real-time.

Accept any type of Payments

Payment Method Types

  • Simple Payments
  • Manual Payments
  • Split Payments
  • EMI
  • Wallet Payment
  • Link-based Payment
  • Multi-card Payment
  • Recurring Payment

How does it work?


Secured Payments

Shared link is a clickable payment link which is processed through a strongly secured Lyra Payment Gateway. Every payment is protected by security standards of VISA and MasterCard. Lyra’s payment solutions are in compliance with PCI DSS V3.2.1 and are secured with SSL and 2FA.

Instant Activation

Get activated and start accepting online payments within 30 minutes. An easy and a quick online onboarding with easy integration. With a customized experience, Lyra provides an efficient set up for the onboarding process.

International Presence

Accept real-time online payments from countries across the world. Boost your international presence with global payments, multi-currency management and support in each country.

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