How Lyra Fintech Products Can Help Businesses in These Difficult Times

Once India was a total cash-driven economy, many small, as well as big businesses, are habituated to using cash in all of their transactions.

But as we are in the digital revolution era, and thanks to Government’s Digital India initiative, businesses are opting for digital payments.

Not only digital transactions are advantageous they are on the spot, easy, and quick to make.

With the COVID 19 outbreak digitization has spread across the world more quickly taking along businesses with them minimizing several challenges for businesses by one, i.e. transaction.

Businesses are getting along with online transactions thanks to the fintech companies.

By offering innovative and easy-to-use payment accepting solutions fintechs have their fair share of role to get businesses involved (and evolved) with digitization.

Lyra is one of the most recognized payment solution providers in India. Since 2007, Lyra is a leader in securing e-commerce and proximity payments.

Offering tailored solutions as per the business requirements, Lyra offers innovative platforms for facilitating customers with online transactions.

So, what are Lyra’s Fintech products, and how they are helping businesses in these difficult times?

established in 2007 in India, Lyra is managing transactions for many businesses on an everyday basis.

Lyra is offering solutions in various fields like payment gateway, SIM solution, Routing solutions, NAC, payment switch, WhatsApp payment solution, EPOS, etc. along with various add ons and other technology services in the entire gamut of sectors like banks, e-merchants, financial institutions, railways, and transport.

Lyra’s Payment Gateway

Lyra’s payment gateway enables an online payment mechanism that is easy to integrate and does almost all formalities on a single page.

Its developer-centric abilities and security make it the most preferred payment gateway in India.

Tailor-made for any and every type of business, Lyra Payment Gateway offers a higher success rate with faster processing time and dynamic routing.

Available for all types of devices it has over 40 shopping cart plugins and offers over 100+ payment options.

With Lyra payment gateway, you can also offer customers several payment types like EMI, split, email and SMS based, etc.

Along with the payment gateway, Lyra also offers a rich and powerful back-office system.


Lyra EPOS is a mobile application that enables online payment collection via QR codes and payment links.

Extremely easy to use, Lyra’s EPOS app caters to the need of the omnichannel business. It eliminates the need for bulky and costly POS devices and replaces them with a user-friendly and easy-to-manage payment acceptance solution.

It works in three easy steps and helps businesses collect payments with or without a business website.

Suitable for all types of businesses, the Lyra EPOS application is equipped with a secure Lyra Payment Gateway and is compliant with PCI DSS.

Lyra POS routing solution – 

At the very heart of any POS machine is the SIM card allowing quick transactions. Many businesses use multiple POS machines.

Lyra offers a POS routing solution to manage and operate the fleet of POS SIMs from remote locations.

Lyra POS SIM solution covers a wide variety of terminals such as GPRS, 3G, 4G, WiFi, LAN, IP, PSTN, M2M, etc. enabling easy subscription management, real-time viewing, managing, and secure transactions.

Lyra Payment Switch – Lyra’s payment switch helps businesses with bank downtime or outages by enabling rule-based dynamic authorization that switches and routs payment transactions between multiple acquirers.

It is a robust and secure platform with a high-end infrastructure. Payment switch offers a secure online payment service provider for processing card acquisition in the most efficient way.

Lyra WhatsApp Payment Solution – Lyra along with the partnership with WhatsApp for payments has introduced an easy way to accept online payments for big as well as small businesses.

Lyra’s WhatsApp payment solution comes with a simple integration process, bulk payment orders, and guaranteed secure payments. 

Along with these solutions, Lyra also offers add-on solutions like white label solution, NAC, OptiNet, Luma, etc.

how Lyra’s solutions and products are helping businesses in these difficult times?

Sales channels

Lyra’s solutions help businesses with more than just accepting online payments, like,  E-commerce websites, call centers, payments via e-mail or SMS, mobile applications, chatbots, IVR (Interactive Voice Response), hosted pages, etc.

With Lyra, not only you can retain your customers, but also acquire new ones and anticipate their expectations.

Fraud management

Lyra offers fraud and risk management modules and tools that are based on the business’s field of activity.

Reconciling risk management in digital payments and conversion rate optimization is the biggest advantage that goes with partnering up with Lyra.

International presence

Businesses today have clients all over the world, Lyra has numerous subsidiaries enabling payment acceptance globally for your international projects.

Lyra also offers multi-currency management.

Secure transactions

All of Lyra’s solutions follow the government’s guidelines for online transactions.

They are compliant with card schemes and PCI DSS standards, equipped with the most secure payment gateway – Lyra’s PG and are 3DS secured

So, what are you waiting for, get onboarded with Lyra,

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