Lyra in collaboration with HDFC Bank is working on the IKEA project. IKEA has been present in India for the last 30 years, sourcing for its stores around the world. In India, IKEA currently has 48 suppliers with about 45,000 direct employees and about 400,000 people in the extended supply chain.  IKEA works closely with suppliers in setting up efficient and sustainable production processes to create affordable home furnishing products with good design and quality. Lyra has created secured Ethernet-based SSL IP POS transactions connectivity for IKEA financial transactions.

Lyra SSL Based IP POS Solution provides

  • Lyra uses high level security through SSL/TLS 1.2 to provide reliable and secure solution.
  • Lyra ensures IP POS secured connection with dual authentication.
  • Each IP POS get 2 certificates: Server root certificate and client certificate.
  • This solution provides maximum security through dual authentication while remaining easy to install.

Innovative Functionalities:-

  • Automatic registration of IP POS (Certificate Enrolment Protocol).
  • Automatic security management SSL V3 double authentication for maximum security and availability of service.
  • Real time status monitoring of IP POS using Lyra Online Web Portal.
  • Management and technical reporting module using Lyra Online Web Portal.

Key Features:-

  • Complete Channel Encryption mechanism using a latest encryption protocol.
  • Managing the SSL/TLS connections and SSL/TLS certificate policies
  • Lyra platform creates a “security buffer” between Internet and the bank’s network.
  • Provides Double Authentication to ensure more robust security mechanism (Client <== AUTH ==> Lyra SSL/TLS Server).
  • Terminal enrolment process to achieve terminal management & its installation base.
  • Real-time online transaction statistics & monitoring web portal which is a huge value add for technical troubleshooting & analysis.
  • POS brand-agnostic solution.


  • Security.
  • Terminal enrolment.
  • PCI DSS.
  • 24 * 7 Real-time monitoring on Lyra web portal for online transaction statistics, Troubleshooting & analysis.
  • Quick transaction time response.