Integrate Payment Processing with Your POS System

POS or Point Of Sale system, an essential item at the check-out counter! Every merchant knows what it is and what it is used for.

This system has evolved throughout the years as the innovation and technology kept bringing up new and improved seamless ways to accept payments.

From the bulky instruments at the checkout corner to the pocket-friendly devices, the POS system has become a vital part of any shop, be it online or offline.

Not only POS system allows businesses to accept payments, but it also enables them to keep track of sales. It makes payment acceptance easier.

But to get the most out of your POS system you have to make sure it is integrated with compatible hardware, and software and comprises useful features! And when all these things work together effectively, you can offer a seamless and secure payment experience to your customers.

So, it is extremely important to get a POS system integrated with a card processor tailor-made for your business.

To integrate the payment processor with your POS you simply have to follow these steps,

  1. Choose a POS system
  2. Research security, extra features, and market demands
  3. Choose a Payment Processor, Payment processing service provider

But, it is always easier said than done!

Choosing a POS system is like choosing a brin for your payment processing system. POS system is the core foundation of a customer’s checkout experience. It manages a critical part of your business by processing sales and recording transactions.

Different POS machines come with a different set of features, some of the most common features are, inventory monitoring,  employee shift tracking, etc.

You have to take a not of the features that will be beneficial for your business and set choosing criteria for the POS machine. Nowadays, there are also some mobile applications that offer the same working functionality as physical POS machines.

Based on your customer base and the nature of your business, you have to finalize your POS system.

When choosing the best POS system with the payment processing service, you have to consider the experience they offer among the services and solutions.

Security is one of the key issues making payment processing vulnerable to fraud. You should be well aware of the government’s norms and other security standards for the payment processing and make sure your payment processing service is in compliance with them.

You also have to make sure the solution provider offers anti-fraud tools and data breach protection.

Finally comes the choosing of a payment processor for the POS system. The payment processor handles card processing.

When choosing a card processing provider, you have to carefully research the options. The service provider should provide a secure processing platform with regular framework updates and excellent customer support.

Lyra’s POS payment acceptance package

The whole process of choosing the perfect payment processing service provider for your business is quite a tedious and brain-racking process. But worry not! Lyra is here to help you out.

Lyra has introduced a secure and seamless payment acceptance package for the POS systems. The package includes the Lyra SIM solution, Lyra Payment switch and the recently launched Lyra POS payment processing solution.

As one of the most preferred pay techs in India, Lyra offers secure and easy integrate payment processing services and solutions that are tailor-made for your business. You just have to choose Lyra and then sit back, relax and concentrate on other aspects of your business as Lyra takes care of all your payment processing!

Here is a quick overview of the POS payment processing package by Lyra!

pos sol1 infographics from the drive

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