IP POS Solution

Flexible and high-security IP based POS solution with double authentication protocol for SSL.

IP POS Architecture – Lyra network

Lyra Network has implemented a double authentication protocol for SSL that not only enhances the overall security mechanisms but also presents multiple advantages such as real-time management and control of all the transaction calls and terminals, update of a white list of terminals, online monitoring, accurate reporting, and flexible billing structures.

Lyra secures payment terminals with two-factor authentication and via an SSL / TLS 1.2 Internet Protocol for routing transactions to banks / private acquirers. We offer a comprehensive equipment management gateway for the deployment of IP-based payment terminals with a quick registration, easy subscription management, real-time viewing of transactions performed by terminals, and associated diagnostics.

IP-POS-Architecture - Lyra-network
Lyra IP POS Architecture

Lyra IP POS – Transaction Flow

When the IP POS terminal needs to perform its first transaction, it needs to first enroll itself in the Lyra Network Server.

  1. Enrolled IP POS terminal will send a transaction request to the Lyra Network server with the pre-shared unique client certificate.
  2. It will then validate both client certificates and authenticate the POS serial number.
  3. After approval of both validation and authentication, the transaction request is forwarded to the remote bank host.
  4. If the client certificate is declined or the POS serial number is rejected then the transaction request is discarded.

Benefits of Lyra IP POS System


  • Lyra network manages security around accessing and acquiring servers, SSL connections, and certificate policies.
  • Lyra offers a dynamic white list with immediate filtering features to protect the entire system against attacks.
  • Lyra’s double authentication automatically filters incoming calls from unauthorized terminals making attacks virtually impossible.

Management of POS Terminals

Lyra provides a management portal for POS terminals. This is an easy management portal which allows:

  • suspension connection on the gateway
  • to add or delete IP POS terminals easily


Lyra provides and manages redundant and reliable internet connection services to POS terminals.

White list Management

One of the most important benefits of using the Lyra IP POS solution is dynamically managed white list. It has double authentication and it eliminates the need for manual updating of the white list.

Traceability, Control, and Billing

Lyra IP POS solution offers the ability to recognize and authorize each POS terminal giving an advantage over traceability and control point of view. It traces every single transaction done by every POS terminal making it easier for monitoring, reporting, and maintenance.

Innovative Functionalities

  • Automatic registration of IP POS
  • Double authentication for maximum security and availability of service
  • Extranet management: Complete administrative and technical follow-up of the IP POS installed base
  • Real-time status monitoring of IP POS using Lyra Online Web Portal
  • Management and technical reporting module using Lyra Online Web Portal

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