When it comes to checkout, time and security play a crucial role. Many stores nowadays use POS at the checkout and sometimes cashier may take an extra amount of time to proceed with the transactions.

And if you are dealing with multiple POS machines, it becomes quite a hassle to manage them as it is not only time-consuming but also takes lots of effort.

Summing up, as a merchant you need a portal that manages your fleet of POS machines seamlessly and Lyra is here just to offer you that!

Lyra’s LUMA or Lyra Update Manager is a responsive application combined with the web portal that enables supervision and operation of your entire fleet of POS terminals in real-time.

Thanks to its simplicity and control it facilitates the POS fleet and saves you time and effort.

But how will you be benefited?

LUMA consists of an application that is coupled with a dedicated back office and can be installed on a terminal.

It enables the overall supervision and operation of these terminals. LUMA Back Office or LUMA Toolbox can manage different operations.

LUMA already facilitates the daily life of merchants thanks to its simplicity and its great power of action. Constantly evolving, this solution adapts to your needs!


Thanks to this API solution, many simplified actions are now possible via an external toolbox. With this toolbox, you can easily manage automatic date-time synchronization. The back office also allows you to personalize the payment terminal. You can change properties like wallpaper, font, background color, text color and can add a logo of your choice. And this can be done remotely. 

Here are the features:


  • Operates in real-time and displays real-time information
  • Intervene on the move with a responsive Web Back Office
  • Save time in the daily management of your fleets
  • Reduce your operating costs for your POS fleet and the associated maintenance (modification, additions, or software updates of POS in the field, customer support)
  • Offer your customers a responsive hotline service
  • Reduce your response times
  • Manage regulatory changes responsively
  • Is available for multi-connectivity terminals – PSTN, GPRS, IP, 3G, etc.

Along with these features, LUMA also provides real-time information like details of POS terminals, memory status, details of communication, terminal connection information, etc.

To find out more, contact our sales team!