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Emerging market trends and riding the omni channel wave

Jun 27, 2022
Omnichannel payments As India is seeing a phenomenal change in digital transformation bought to the marketplace and payments. Modern consumers are heavily giving preferences to convenience, reliability, security, and seamlessness while performing digital transactions. Today, customers are not afraid to explore different digital payment options, right from QR codes to […]

3DS V2.2 and digital Payments

Jun 27, 2022
3DS V2.2 and digital Payments The Indian fintech landscape has undergone a massive transformation thanks to digital acceleration. The pandemic and ever-evolving innovative technology have made digital payments reach all-time high records. And seamlessly eased their way into our day-to-day life. But as the number of online sales increased, so […]

Online bill payments

Jun 22, 2022
Online bill payments Customers love their mobiles and in today’s digital era seek a customized and single-channel shopping experience. Easily available and easy to use, for users all over the world mobiles are becoming a necessity for many aspects of life. And with the pandemic, the demand for mobile access […]

5 Features of Lyra’s Payment Switch you should know!

May 26, 2022
That us 5 Features of Lyra Payment Switch you should know! One of the most terrible issues for banks, fintech, and merchants is payment service providers’ downtime and/or outage. Aggregators need a constant connection to multiple new endpoints. Banks, PSPs, and facilitators are implementing and opting for 24-by-7 payment options. […]

Boost your eCommerce business with digital payments

May 26, 2022
Boost your eCommerce business with digital payments ECommerce businesses are exploring any and every digital payment innovation for accepting payments. But all these new innovations and solutions may confuse merchants with all types of doubts. You have to be careful when choosing the online payment service that will suit your […]

How Digital Payments are Beneficial and Safer for the Ecosystem

May 26, 2022
How Digital Payments are Beneficial and Safer for the Ecosystem Payments are an important part of the selling and purchasing process, and the system has several legal provisions for them. With the ever-evolving technology, many industries over the past decade have experienced revolution and thus, the digital payments sector has […]