What is Lyra NAC (Network Access Control)?


Network Access control – NAC, is a server that provided seamless data to the bank. NAC consists of many channels that enable communication between a payment gateway and a bank.

NAC, being a highly secure and powerful server, is able to communicate and send information of the cardholder to the merchants’ banks without any glitch in between.

Lyra NAC

Lyra is a payment processor for the transaction between merchant POS to the client host.

Lyra Network owns an exclusive EFT/POS solution using a single architecture called Lyra NAC.

In short, EFT/POS transaction gateway is called Lyra NAC. This is able to receive and transfer any transaction flow securely from any kind of POS terminal and connects it to any type of network (PSTN/GPRS/ADSL) with any existing transaction protocol.

The exclusive EFT/POS transaction gateway is connected to the free Lyra Network e-portal and offers real-time transaction status from EFT/POS terminals in retail stores to the client host.