Lyra helps customers transact safely with Vodafone’s secure network connectivity

A large group of customers places an order at a restaurant. They are satisfied with the food and service, and someone produces a credit card for the bill. But since inception, all transactions at this restaurant have been in cash. The person paying doesn’t have enough cash in his wallet, so he needs to pay by card. He borrows money from the group to pay the bill. A happy customer a few minutes ago is now miffed.

The Challenge was to have a safe POS transactions across a secured network

Lyra Network is a leader in EFTPOS transactions, with a global footprint. Lyra represent 30% of the overall European market for EFTPOS, specialising in secured transaction routing services through multi-brand POS terminals. Lyra managed Point-of-Sale (POS) solutions market as a leader, aims at attaining a global footprint and expanding its services in India. Setting up a network of POS terminals across India is challenging.

Lyra was looking for a network provider to provide secured, restricted wireless access across India via GPRS/EDGE.

Lyra Network chose Vodafone as their partner for their POS solutions venture. Backed by a robust network infrastructure and over 300 PoPs spread across 130 locations in India, Vodafone offered a wireless network through a dedicated, secure private APN with IP Sec as last-mile connectivity. Lyra ensured that data transfer between terminal and mobile devices was secured and also seamless. The APN allowed instant transmission of data to Vodafone’s central servers. This extended from the Vodafone data center to the Lyra Network data center. With its ability to aggregate usage and pricing, the APN checked abuse and improved cost-effectiveness. Seamless real-time transaction flow analysis offered an easy way to trace EFTPOS connectivity straight from individual centers to banks. To avoid misuse of services and to ensure optimal utilization of the application, Vodafone blocked voice and SMS services on the APN.

“We started working with Vodafone to
implement the EFTPOS solution on a
small scale, but the results were amazing.
Vodafone not only brought its global
expertise to India, it also ensured
adoption of best practices to suit local
requirements while following global,
stringent standards,” says, Alain Lacour,
President, Lyra Network.