Lyra’s M2M services

M2M or machine-to-machine services enable machines located at different locations to communicate with each other via a wired or wireless channel.

If your company runs on automation. M2M services make sure your operations run smoothly and effectively by providing a platform for IoT to run on.

It eliminates human intervention and machines can be handled remotely, in other words, M2M increases efficiency and decreases redundancy.

Above all of automation, M2M services also generate real-time analysis and reports increasing business intelligence and efficiency.

Lyra’s M2M services

Lyra offers seamless communication between IoTs with its M2M services. With no fees for activation and flawless integration, Lyra provides a dedicated and redundant setup with all telcos.

Lyra’s M2M mechanism integrates flawlessly providing a dashboard that gives an entire SIM card overview along with SIM card properties.

In other words, The dashboard is easy to understand and provides real-time performance. If you are facing any issues there is an easy-to-use diagnostic tool that identifies and resolves the issue, and Lyra also offers 24/7 support.

M2M Components offered by Lyra

Lyra NAC – It is an exclusive EFT/POS solution using a single architecture owned by Lyra. Lyra’s NAC is a highly secure and powerful server that enables secure and seamless data communication.

However, This transaction gateway receives and transfers any transaction flow securely from any kind of POS terminal and connects it to any type of network (PSTN/GPRS/ADSL) with any existing transaction protocol.

Lyra Remote Radius – The flexibility of remote radius defines your own username and password per sim card. Working without the reference database, it protects your SIM card from Unauthorized use via a secured blocking feature.

Lyra SIM Card Management – Lyra has developed a 100% WEB 2.0 user-friendly application. Mainly for online management including provision, activation, suspension, cancellation, and optional set up of sim cards.

It enables full access to information like radius, messages, events, properties of sim cards and provides data volume storage calculated per SIM card locally and globally with real-time follow-up for sim cards.

In conclusion, IoT is becoming a crucial part of the modern business landscape and with new innovative network technologies and frameworks, M2M is continuously growing with every second.

Soon they are bound to be a part of our everyday life.

So, to learn more about M2M services and how they benefit your business, contact our sales team!