Lyra’s POS routing solutions for securely managing electronic banking transactions

As a business owner you know the importance of POS systems and payment terminals, with India’s journey towards complete digitizations and customers’ increasing reliability on card payments, these are becoming a requirement rather than a choice above all.

POS system evolved with the technology and evolving customers’ necessities, from the bulky hardware it transformed into a compact handheld device to the app sitting on your mobile device.

How POS devices and payment terminals and systems are easy to understand and easy to use, but they can be a little difficult to manage.

How much an optimized POS solution can be beneficial for you.

Lyra offers global and optimized POS solutions for your payment terminals. In other words Accessing tools that are especially suited to your requirements for online transactions is made easier with Lyra.

Thanks to Lyra’s know-how, you benefit from POS solutions adapted to the technological evolution of payment terminals.

Most POS terminals use a standard telephone line, wired or wireless connection. Or SIM cards to enable payment transactions.

Lyra has a procedure in place to route payment terminal traffic that is both secure and safe. And offers solutions managed and optimized by all types of connections like,

Lyra offers an equipment management gateway for all these types of connections as well as easy subscription management and associated diagnostics.

Lyra’s gateway facilitates any and every connection type enabling greater advantage for your business.

With maximum security, reliability, and physically managed data centers, Lyra’s solutions are PCI DSS certified and are compliant with the government’s card data regulations.

Lyra’s POS SIM solutions offer secured connectivity via SIM cards in POS terminals.

With private APN and PAN India coverage, Lyra’s Sim solutions also offer dual authentication with a robust SSL/TSL encrypted communication channel.

Features and advantages of Lyra’s POS solutions,
  • Real-time status monitoring of sim
  • PCI DSS certified solution
  • Real-time transaction monitoring & sim card management
  • Works with multiple telecom operators
  • Selects the telecom operator based on the network strength
  • Region/location-wise grouping/segregation of the sim cards
  • Secure & dedicated common private APN

Lyra provides 24 X 7 support to its customers and also manages the liaising with telecom operators for issues

Lyra’s add-on solutions:

LUMALuma or Lyra Update Manager is an application that combines with the web portal enabling supervision and operation of POS terminals.

With this innovative and uniquely designed service, you can manage your devices remotely.

It operates in real-time and displays real-time information like POS details, memory status, etc.

LUMA reduces the operation costs and saves time in the daily management of the POS fleet.

Moreover, LUMA can be customized as per requirements (wallpaper, logo, text color) and can be configured/ automated to send and view gateway parameters and other parameters.

It is possible to export all of the data offered by LUMA in the CSV file format for future reference, and automatic time-zone synchronization is supported.

It also enables multi-connectivity terminals like PSTN, GPRS, IP and 3G, etc.

OptiNetOptiNet optimizes connections of payment terminals by manually or automatically switching to the most efficient mobile network.

OPTINET sends data to the gateway in real-time in order to quickly visualize. And diagnose the status of available mobile networks.

However, depending on the physical location of the terminal. OptiNet selects the most efficient network from the list of available networks and switches on that network.

In conclusion, It triggers features via text messages and diagnoses mobile networks with the indications of the current operator.