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Lyra Network Receives a Special Award for Business Excellence in the Field of Payment Technology at the French Tech Tour to India 2018

With the French President, Emmanuel Macron opening the doors for Indian entrepreneurs and startups, France is focusing on technology and developing strong partnerships..


Lyra Believes in Five Ps – Rajesh Desai, Director & CEO Lyra India

Lyra Network India Director and CEO Rajesh Desai shares his views exclusively with Proche.
Lyra is a French fintech company specializes in proximity payments, e-commerce, connected
objects and e-invoicing.


Lyra Network Completes 10 Years in India and Way to Go

“Lyra India has been progressive and dynamic throughout this past decade and we look forward to
more eventful and fruitful decades to come”, says Christophe Mariette, Chairman of Lyra India and
Associate Director of Lyra Group..


Lyra Network India Completes a Decade of Innovation and Success in India

Today, it has 10 subsidiaries spanning across 4 continents providing support and advice to
payment-related queries of clients. Near about a decade ago, the company started its
operations in India under the able leadership of Mr. Rajesh Desai, CEO of Lyra Network


What you need to know before Finalizing the Price of the Product

Customer’s perceived value for the offering, the cost involved and the competitor’s pricing for a similar offering, all affect the pricing believes Rajesh Desai, CEO of Lyra India.


Password protection is a major phenomenon for the online businesses.

Read through the article as Mr. Rajesh Desai, CEO of Lyra Network India, believes that “It is better to prevent and prepare than to repent and repair”.


Lyra Network introduces New MPI for 3-D secure verification

Lyra’s Merchant Plug-in service equipped with 3-D secure verification contributes to the factors that
boost your growth as an e-commerce merchant. Get an insight here into the ways to enjoy the perks
of credit card usage while bidding a final adieu to the Credit card frauds


On the cards: In a digital drive, India Post will now send PoS-man home

With the department of post Lyra Network is planning to equip postmen with point of sale (PoS)
machines, you may soon be able to pay for a parcel with your debit card


Lyra marked its presence across the country with Vodafone network

Lyra Network, a leader in electronic funds transfer at point-of-sale transactions, set up a network of PoS terminals across the country with Vodafone help.