Omnichannel Payments – A Necessity for Today’s Payment Ecosystem

Today’s unavoidable circumstances have demanded many merchants to explore digital possibilities for their businesses.

Consumers are becoming familiar with online payments and getting comfortable with them. With the pandemic outbreak, more than 50% of customers started using digital payments more than before the pandemic, and the majority of them plan to stick with them.

This unpredictable turn of events is making consumer habits more predictable and resulted in rising of Omni commerce.

The demand for Omni commerce offerings from merchants is continuing to expand as more consumer devices enter the Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem.

Shopping has become more sophisticated. Customers have high expectations from the digital shopping experience and payment is not an exception.

Que in – Omnichannel payments. With multiple payment options readily available and just a click away, customers are keen to use their preferred method for online payments.

And these payment methods need different payment details to be feed in for processing the payments.

As a merchant, having those details from a consumer’s online transaction would give you an immense advantage, and that’s the importance of having an omnichannel payment platform.

An omnichannel payment is a comprehensive solution that integrates payment processors enabling seamless and frictionless interactions across the entire payment ecosystem.

The omnichannel platform enables the amalgamation of payment data helping merchants to get insights on the individual consumer.

It can give insights into consumer’s shopping and payment habits, and their preferred products making it easier to target the right audience and potential customers.

Lyra’s EPOS application offers quick, secure, and on-the-spot online transactions catering to businesses’ omnichannel needs.

It integrates all channels for online payment processing and acceptance. It is a hassle-free form of online payment where the customer just has to click on the payment link or scan the QR code to initiate the payment.

Lyra EPOS solution accepts Multi-card payments and allows multiple payment options like Debit, credit card, Net banking, UPI, and Wallet payments.

With this customers can choose the option they are comfortable with. With the EPOS application, you can get a single integration across the globe.

Frictionless transaction experience gives customers more time to focus on the brand value, and thus with an omnichannel payment system, you can offer your customers a more engaging, customized, and consistent shopping and payment experience

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