Online bill payments

Customers love their mobiles and in today’s digital era seek a customized and single-channel shopping experience.

Easily available and easy to use, for users all over the world mobiles are becoming a necessity for many aspects of life.

And with the pandemic, the demand for mobile access is on increase.

From finding information online to using the mobile device to access products, solutions, and services to make an online purchase, mobiles have transformed the whole experience for both customers and service providers.

One such service is bill payments. The day-to-day necessities like electricity, water, gas, and other essentials like cable, broadband, etc.

These bill payments are some of the most critical and periodic payments customers make. People want their billing and payments to be done quickly and seamlessly.

In addition to notifications, e-bills, due dates, and other alerts, customers want to pay the bills online and preferably on their mobile devices with a frictionless payment experience.

To offer a full-fledged optimized billing and payment experience billers should consider these five pointers-

Customers willing to make payments via mobile device or a web browser want a simple view easy to understand, easy to navigate, and minimal resize, pan and scroll.

Features like auto-fill form, clear instructions, careful placement of buttons, and important texts are the key points to decreasing the transaction abandon rate.

What customers don’t look forward to while making online mobile payments is a complicated process. Logging in with configuring the email id, other details, and password can be a hectic task at that time.

So instead of forcing customers to log in every time, a ‘guest pay’ option can simplify the process.

The interface should be configured with the minimal required information to identify the customer and accept payments.

Messaging apps are very popular and as the most used application, they can be an effective and engaging way for bill payments.

With text messaging, billers can send alerts, notifications,  payment links, etc. making bill payments more convenient.

And if customers can connect the billing app with the messaging apps or social media messaging apps, they can make payments directly via chatbot technology.

With the adoption of mobile payments growing a comprehensive, lite, and easy-to-use mobile app is a must.

With easy navigation and understanding, billers can deliver a frictionless bill payment experience.

And fo a seamless experience, the app should be integrated with an online payment processor.

Lyra’s payment gateway enables easy integration with zero setup fees. With quick onboarding, a biller can offer clients a secure, easy-to-use, and quick online payment platform.

The payment gateway is compatible with Android, and iOS and is designed and built for all devices.

With a higher success rate and faster processing time, Lyra’s payment gateway offers smart and dynamic routing.

A rich and powerful back-office system helps to keep track of transactions in real-time, facilitates account management, and manages payment schedules and orders.

With the fraud and risk management module, you can set up the anti-fraud rules, and with security features like compliance with PCI DSS, SSL layer, 3DS, Lyra’s payment gateway enables secure online transactions.

With 100+ payment methods like net banking, cards, UPI, and different payment types like EMI, recurring payments, split payments, etc. Lyra payment gateway becomes your ideal partner for accepting online bill payments.

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