Payment Gateway – A tool to enhance customer experience

If you provide a good experience, customers are more likely to make a purchase once, come back for more, and your store may get good mouth publicity.

It is a world-known fact. A good UI experience doesn’t depend on one variable. the factors like smooth navigation, easy to understanding steps affect UI majorly, and one such factor is the right payment gateway to accept online payments.

Now, how payments gateway and UI is related?

When customers spend time on your website deciding what to buy and after their decision, if they face difficulties in making payment for the said items not only they will get frustrated, they will also search for other alternatives and may never return to your website.

Internet, mobile phone penetration habitual use of laptops and computers made the shopping experience easy for customers, and payment via the internet being part of this journey can heavily impact the business.

Needless to say, payments gateway plays a major role in the shopping cycle and can enhance customer experience if chosen right!

How to enhance customer experience with the right choice of payment gateway?


Customers should feel that the payment experience is reliable and part of the website. It should not redirect customers to any third-party sites or to a pop-up window.

Its good practice to customize the payment checkout page with the brand and appearance. This develops trustworthiness among customers and allows them to go ahead with the payment with no hesitancy.


With increasing digital fraud, customers pay a great deal to security. They are sharing required financial information while making an online purchase, so it is the merchant’s responsibility to offer them the most secured payment acceptance channel.

The payments gateway should be compliant with PCI DSS standards and the government’s security standards.

It should be SSL certified and provide the logos of card schemes like VISA, MasterCard to ensure customers they are using a genuine payment channel.

Payment gateway should also follow encryption standards and store sensitive payment information as per the government standards.

Payment Methods and payment types:

Today there are plenty of payment methods available for customers to choose from. They have options like UPI, digital and mobile wallets, net banking, cards, QR codes, and many many more.

Customers tend to pick the payment method they are most familiar with to pay online, so if there is flexibility among the payment method offered by your website, it would put customers’ minds at ease.

Speaking of payment methods, there is also a number of payment types available.

EMI being the most popular and BNPL on the rise, the payment gateway should offer more payment types like 1-Click-check-out, e-mail & SMS Based Payment, EMI, etc.

The mantra is simple,

Choose the right payment gateway, and enjoy the higher sales.

Here is a more detailed list of how to choose a payment gateway for your business

How to Choose a Right Payment Gateway Services For Your Business

Choosing a payment gateway means considering various aspects at the same time keeping in mind your business requirements.

It’s a crucial task and it’s natural that sometimes some things may slip your mind. Don’t worry, Lyra is here to provide you with a complete and tailor-made payment gateway uniquely built for your business!

Lyra’s payment gateway offers a higher success rate, faster processing time, and dynamic routing. With transaction management tools and a powerful back-office system, you can view the status of all of your online payments, facilitate account management, customize the payment page, and also set up your own anti-fraud rules and notification rules.

The payment gateway provides 100+ payment options including Visa, MasterCard, UPI, net banking, etc., and 40+ shopping cart plugins.

Compliant with PCI-DSS standards, Lyra Payment Gateway is SSL layered and 3D secured. It also provides a fraud and risk management module and abides customer data protection rules.

So, what are you waiting for, pair up with India’s one of the most trusted and secure payment gateway to enhance your customer experience

Here is a glimpse of Lyra’s Payments Gateway features,

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