How can I accept payments if my business does not have a website? is one of the most asked questions nowadays.

India is a land of opportunists and entrepreneurs. Every day there are new businesses setting up in all types of industries. People are keen to open up their own business and then expanding it. And in this digital age, accepting payments online is becoming a necessity.

Many small businesses, home businesses don’t start straight away with an official website.

In the age of social media marketing and increasing demand for digital payment, businesses should have a strategy build around that. But there is a belief that in order to accept online payments we need an official website.

So, let’s address this belief first.

Why do you need a website to accept online payments?

The answer is simple, accepting payments online meaning dealing with the payment gateway and dealing with the payment gateway means having a website.

Is it that difficult to build a website?

Of course not! In today’s day and age where technology is constantly evolving and world is moving towards automation, creating a website is not hard at all. But for a successful business, you would need a highly functional website. A website that customers find easy to deal with at the same time dynamic and interactive.

Anyone can build a basic website, but to put business perspectives in the picture, you would need a high maintenance functioning website. That means more investment and more overhead costs.

So, the question remains, how can a business accept online payments if it does not have an official website.

And here are the options:

1) Payment links:

What are Payment links?

The payment link is an online payment acceptance method where a merchant generates and shares a link and requests payment via that link. This link is generated securely and is web-based.

Why payment links?

The question is why not! Receiving online payments via payment links is one of the easiest, fastest and convenient options for both merchants and customers
This is an instant payment method. The link that merchant shares contain information regarding the payment amount.

These payment links can be shared via any social media messenger application or email, SMS, etc.

How do payment links work?

It works in three simples steps,
1. Merchant generates the link of the said amount and shares it.
2. The customer receives the link and simply press on the link and initiates the payment.
3. After online payment is successfully done, the merchant gets a notification.

Payment methods involved with payment links

Typically payment links can accept all types of payment methods. These include credit/ debit cards, net banking, UPI, etc.


  • customized messages
  • Bulk orders facility
  • Split payment facility
  • Secured online payment acceptance
  • Better customer experience

How can you get one

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2) QR codes

What is a QR code?

QR code is a type of two-dimensional barcode. It is a contact less online payment method. Nowadays we witness QR codes displayed everywhere. Payment acceptance via QR codes is gaining popularity rapidly and this instant payment solution is here to stay. QR codes can be used for fixed as well as the flexible amount.

Why QR codes?

It is not only an instant payment method, but it also reduces overhead costs like maintenance for merchants. QR code can be printed on the paper or displayed on the screen. It does not need any other high maintenance add-ons. Generating QR code is so simple and it does not require any special kind of training. This makes QR code one of the most easy and secure method to accept payments online.

How do QR codes work?

A customer just has to scan the QR code with the mobile device and then the QR code redirects customers to the payment page where the online payment can be initiated.

Payment methods involved with QR Code:

Online payment acceptance via QR code is flexible as it accepts various payment methods like card payments, net banking, UPI, etc.


  • On the spot payments
  • Reduces overhead costs
  • low maintenance
  • secured online payment acceptance
  • Easy to set up

How can you get one

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3) WhatsApp Payment

Receiving payment online via WhatsApp messenger has its own advantages. In the era of social media marketing, the WhatsApp payment solution gives a unique and customized experience for online payment acceptance.

Why WhatsApp Payment Solution?

Whatsapp is undoubtedly one of the most popular messaging applications. It is one of the customized ways to provide your customers with a personalized shopping experience. Starting from showcasing products to collecting online payments for the services and goods, the WhatsApp payment solution can be a one-stop-shop.

Lyra’s WhatsApp Payment Solution

Lyra, for the first time in India, has introduced online payment acceptance via WhatsApp. With the direct partnership with WhatsApp for collecting online payments, Lyra WhatsApp Payment Solution provides a convenient, secure, and instant online payment acceptance method.

Payment methods involved with WhatsApp payment

Whatsapp Payment solution has multiple payment options. The customer just has to click on the link which redirects them to the payment page. On the payment page, the customer can select any payment method he/she is comfortable with and proceed. These payment methods include credit or debit cards, UPI, internet banking, etc.


  • It is a real-time and direct payment acceptance method.
  • Uncomplicated and as simple as sending a text message.
  • Does not need any third-party application for payments.
  • It does not need any physical device to collect payments.
  • For customers, no need to share bank details.
  • Provides seamless transaction.

How can you get one

If you are wondering how can you get your hands on payment links and start accepting online payments instantly – Contact us

How do these methods help Businesses increase the Rate of Conversion?

The first and foremost advantage is any business regardless its size can accept online payments seamlessly with these methods. These solutions are quick to understand and customers can get accustomed to them very easily.

On the more serious note, these days, one of the reasons why customers are skeptical about online payments is security. Increasing security breaches of data and privacy often drive customers away from online payments.

The above-listed methods provide a completely secure platform for online payment transactions. These payment solutions are backed with a secure payment gateway.

Accepting online payments via payment link, QR codes and WhatsApp payment solution need minimum input from the customer. These solutions do not ask customers to share their bank or personal details. This puts customers at ease and they tend to use these solutions exclusively.

Accepting online payments not only increases brand and customer loyalty, but it also proves to be beneficial for businesses in the long run.


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