As technology is advancing, so is Fintech, since it is directly related to technological advancements.

The fintech domain is constantly evolving and keeps inflicting changes in the services/bringing new services for making digital payments even simpler for the masses to significantly adopt.

With PoS, E-POS, and M-PoS, the users demand the apt one depending upon the nature of the business as well as customers. The three can easily be distinguished in terms of their features and benefits to the respective clients.

What is a PoS terminal?

The point of sales (PoS) terminal is a medium for the cardholder and the merchant to complete a transaction successfully.

This may be present specifically for carrying out transactions at brick and mortar stores. An example of a point of sale terminal in a conventional brick and mortar store is the scale used to weigh goods in a traditional grocery or candy store.

The most traditional PoS systems were nothing more than written receipts, but now retailers prefer electronic PoS solutions.

A basic POS system might be nothing more than one cash register and the software necessary to collect sales data.

These can be expanded and improvised upon by using additional hardware such as barcode scanners, card readers, or other software modules.

Depending on the software, merchants can track not only their sales but also inventory levels, gross revenues, profit margins, sales patterns, and a whole host of other data points.

Businesses are increasingly adopting POS systems, and one of the most obvious and compelling reasons is that a POS system does away with the need for price tags.

When adding stock, the product code of an item is linked to the selling price, thus all that is required to complete a transaction is for the cashier to scan the code.

If there is a price change, this can also be easily done through the inventory window.

Moreover, a benefit of PoS is that marketers emphasize the PoS for their products or services because consumers often make buying decisions at POS locations.

Certain physical stores traditionally place their POS at store exits to increase impulse purchases by customers leaving the store. 

With the Fintech domain, various PoS-based services are being offered.

The services include offering high security, strong connectivity with Wi-Fi, GPRS, CDMA, and quick technical troubleshooting & analysis along with various other benefits to the businesses as well as their customers.

Moreover, Fintech keeps advancing with time to provide the best benefits to its clients with regard to the services offered.

The advanced benefits include fraud and chargeback minimization, reliable & secure solutions, quick to initiate transactions, and so on.


Electronic Point of Sales or E-POS is an advanced technology that provides you with a more convenient method for receiving payments from your mobile phone.

With various benefits offered, it is an application that is convenient to use and is available on the mobile play store for downloading.

E-PoS successfully caters to the need of an Omnichannel business since it sits in your mobile phone and conveniently reaches the doorstep of the customer along with the deliveryman.

To make on-the-spot payments through Cards, Net Banking, Wallets, and UPI, the program generates a payment link that may be shared with the consumer via a QR code or any other communication channel.

E-POS is a ready-to-use mobile application that accepts any form of payment on the go and hence, remains beside the business person to help him/her in carrying out quick, secure, and convenient transactions on a daily basis.

An E-PoS helps you run your physical retail store seamlessly with the cutting-edge app that makes retail sales a breeze.

With Electronic Point of Sales (E-PoS), the business person need not worry about inaccuracies or discrepancies at any point in time.

The software is advanced enough to synchronize all the information in real-time. With E-POS, the users feel privileged since it solves the majority of their payments’ related hassles with a single system/machine.

Furthermore, the advancement in the shape of E-POS has given hope for even more convenient e-payments-related services in the near future.


Mobile Point of Sales or MPOS is beneficial for a business as it brings several benefits of EPoS into use where it would not otherwise be practical enough to have an E-PoS system.

Hence, M-PoS being similar to the functioning of E-POS provides several solutions which distinguish it with regard to the immediate requirement of the business environment.

For an instance, M-PoS terminals can be utilized in temporary sales environments like exhibitions.

An exhibitor needs to carry out exhibitions in different locations, and M-POS provides the necessary features that allow the exhibitor to rely on it.

M-PoS features high security and fraud reduction for the merchant and makes customers feel more comfortable using their credit cards since they otherwise may not be comfortable using their credit cards over the phone/internet.

M-PoS has advanced features for carrying out transactions and prevents the buyer from dealing in cash payments.

Moreover, it, being mobile in nature, can be distributed at various stalls/points where the sale is taking place.

This reduces the risk associated with dealing in cash transactions which rids the delivery points/owners of the burden of carrying a lot of cash/coins for change.

This drastically protects the businessperson from bearing wastage and helps it to make loyal customers in the long run.

With even more advancement in the technology sector, M-POS is an added advantage to the payment method.

This being even a more convenient approach, settles for nothing less than providing the best transactions plan for the retailers as well as the customers.

It is most favorable for the businesses on the go that want to receive credit card payments. Additionally, M-POS preserves the ease and safety of transactions because the money is quickly and safely transferred into the merchant’s or acquirer’s bank account.

Over a period, technology and Fintech are working hard to help people speed up with regard to everything from making hassle fewer transactions to indulging in safe payments. For businesses, M-POS is a reliable, convenient, fast, and safe platform and is best suited for Omni-channel businesses.

To sum it up, every business has its own requirements in terms of receiving payments and making the payment method and platform convenient for its customers.

Based on the estimation of each business’ daily expenditure, revenue, and other costs, one must opt for a digital payment platform, that fits and suits it the best.

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