As online businesses have picked pace in India along with the government’s initiative for Digital India, we tend to be more inclined toward learning about online payments, procedures,s and so on.

Whether we are the customers or the merchants, there is always an ongoing quest for knowing more about the industry.

Since the digital industry is a dynamic one, there are changes every now and then with regard to the payments sector.

With the advancements and the procedures to go about receiving online payments, here we elaborate and put some light on the two paths that the merchants remain concerned about for one destination, i.e, receiving online payments securely and swiftly.

So, one of the options/paths is all about your website or the shopping cart that is integrated into the payment gateway and merchant provider for accepting payment online.

In case it is the free payment gateway for your website, voila! It adds to the benefits for you as the merchant.

Now as we deal in PayZen under our online payments service, we provide the free integration to all our merchants and also the free installation along with the free maintenance.

This all sums up to sound great a deal for any merchant for making secure, quick, and swift transactions on a daily basis.

Now, to tell you how it works, a free payment gateway for the website allows your customers to land on the secure payment page where they enter their credit card details for making the purchase.

According to the statistical figures, total debit online payments come up to approximately 41,69,39,377 and the payments using credit cards are 30 times (with regard to value) the debit card payments and 18 times (in accordance with the frequency of transactions)

The second option/path that you can choose is to get on-boarded with the payment gateway provider’s API service and accept the online payments via your mobile phone for every purchase from your customer’s end.

With this terminal, the credit card details of the customer are safely entered onto the secure website accessed via mobile phone.

Following this, the transaction process begins and it should get settled in the shortest time possible.

We at Lyra, have the online payment platform called PayZen which can be accessed with ease via mobile phone and also is FREE for downloading.

It attracts no annual fee for maintenance and is neither chargeable for other services with regard to the installation.

Hence, a free payment gateway adds to the benefits of an online payment gateway and makes your life as a merchant much easier.

With the user-friendly flexible payment integration methods you choose, your online business gets a boost with secure and quick payments.

Hence, you need not be a pro for accepting payments in your mobile app or website and can quickly be on-boarded, if the payment gateway provider provides the quick onboarding as Lyra’s Payment Gateway does for giving out the best of the services available for you.

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