White Label Solution for ECommerce

For any eCommerce business, it is imperative to offer a frictionless payment experience.

A checkout page where customers hand over their information and make a final purchase is very crucial as this is where window shopping to customer conversion happens.

There are many aspects to be considered while making the checkout page more customer-friendly that offer a seamless experience.

But while making the checkout page more customer-centric, the prospect of keeping the brand identity intact often gets lost.

That’s where a white-label payment solution comes into the picture!

A white label payment solution is a customized payment solution that caters to all the requirements provided by the business.

It enables eCommerce businesses to accept online payments keeping the brand identity intact. In more easy terms, a white label payment solution offers a tailor-made payment solution and checkout page for your business.

Things to consider while opting for a white label payment solution

The first and foremost is security. While choosing a white label payment gateway, you have to make sure that it abides by these guidelines and rules set by the government and RBI, eg. tokenization, PCI DSS compliance, consumer data protection, etc.

The second thing to consider is the development time, the solution should be able to be simple and easy to operate, the more complex the solution, the more time it will take to set everything up.

Along with the development time, it is also necessary to consider the integration time and process.

The payment solution should seamlessly integrate with your website without any redirections or pop-ups.

Benefits of a white label payment gateway

It has been observed that many businesses use the redirected payment method, where the customer gets redirected to the webpage and in order to complete the payment, the customer needs to fill in all required information on that page itself.

This often leads to customers questioning the authenticity of that webpage and in turn the business.

White label payment solution helps your business with enhanced brand visibility.

With the continuity maintained with the eCommerce website and checkout page, customers’ doubts would get cleared and it can lead to retaining current customers and increase brand and customer loyalty.

Lyra’s White Label Solution for ECommerce

Lyra’s white label solution offers merchants the ultimate power to utilize the existing product and mold it according to their business requirements.

With the utmost liberty to help merchants manage their customer data along with creating a customized interface, Lyra’s white label solution enables full autonomy.

Lyra’s white label payment solution enables customization of payment methods, branding, logo, technical documentation, and payment pages and helps businesses to enhance brand visibility.

This quintessential service offers chargeback minimization and quick settlement along with risk and fraud parameters.

Merchant can have full ownership of the portal and can access the portal with maximum transparency. Lyra’s white label solution follows a cost-effective approach with easy implementation, time-to-time updates, and the shortest onboarding time.

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