Accepting online payments: For freelancers

Freelancing is no longer considered a part-time job, nowadays, it is seen as a way to earn big while working on what you love from the comfort of your home.

But every profession has its own share of problems and freelancing is not an exception. One of the biggest and most consistent problems for freelancers is accepting payments.

Freelancers have irregular payment cycles and based on the inflow of the work it is understandable. Still, most of the time, freelancers face late payment ever after the work or project is submitted.

Freelancers also often struggle with professional invoicing, payment reconciliation, and payment mode availability.

One solution for this can be digital payments. Now, the digital evolution, smartphone penetration, widespread internet services, and the limits set by the pandemic have made it inevitable to accept online payments.

Digital payments are highly convenient, fast, and secure and customers are getting comfortable with them, making accepting digital payments essential for any and every business.

For freelancers, it will be extremely easy to collect payments via an online channel.

For any freelancer, it is extremely important to showcase their brand. Thank social media marketing this has become easy.

With the accounts on trending social media channels, freelancer can easily showcase their brand, designs, projects, etc.

In short, a social media platform offers freelancers a channel for connecting with customers and giving them an idea about business/services.

So if freelancers can collect online payments via the same channel it will be of tremendous advantage as the process will be seamless.

What is Lyra offering?

Are you a freelancer? Do you want to accept secure online payments?

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Now, there are plenty of payment service providers who can offer a solution to accept payments via social media channels.

But choosing a specific solution provider can be tedious. What you want is a tailor-made solution that can accept online payments.

Lyra offers innovative online payment solutions, tailor-made for your business. 

Payment link:

Payment via payment link is a very popular method. You just have to create a payment link and share it with your customer.

A customer can click on the link and proceed to the payment. Lyra’s EPOS is a mobile application you can use to create such links.

With minimum input required, the application creates a payment link that is secure and can be shared on any messaging or social media platform.

The link redirects the customer to a secure payment page where the customer can initiate the payment.

Or you can share the customized QR code with the customers. EPOS application enables online payment acceptance without any third-party app intervention.

Customers don’t need to download any application to make payments; the links can be shared on any messaging platform. Get to know Lyra EPOS – link

WhatsApp Payment Solution:

Now if you don’t want an application to create and share payment links you can opt for Lyra’s WhatsApp Payment Solution.

WhatsApp has become a popular platform for freelancers. This world-renowned instant messaging service is the most used communication platform.

You can share text and media via WhatsApp and now you can also accept online payments.

By getting onboarded with Lyra, you can create and share the customized payment link with your customer without opening any third-party application.

You can also create bulk payment orders with WhatsApp Payment Solution.

Lyra is in direct partnership with WhatsApp for payments and the link creating and sharing procedure that takes place within the WhatsApp application makes it more secure.

Customers just have to click on the payment link to proceed with the transaction. This link can also be shared via different messaging applications.

Get to know Lyra’s WhatsApp Payment Solution

Do you have your own website?

If so, you can go with Lyra’s Payment Gateway. As India’s most preferred partner for payment acceptance, Lyra’s Payment Gateway offers a secure and seamless payment acceptance platform. 

Why Lyra?

Lyra is an established leader in securing e-commerce and proximity payments. Compliant with PCI DSS, 3DS, and the government’s regulations, Lyra offers the most secure, stable, and robust solutions.

Lyra’s payment solutions offer multiple payment options like net banking, UPI, credit cards, wallets, etc. You can keep track of your online payments with the back office system and Lyra also offers Fraud & Chargeback minimization.

With the shortest onboarding time, Zero Setup Fee, and easy integration, you can start accepting online payments!

Rest assured, the payment acceptance experience with Lyra will be frictionless for your customers and you!

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