Offerings the best payment gateway should provide to boost the reliability of your online business’s payment flow.

While you sit and wonder what to do and how to go about making your e-commerce more active and productive financially, here is a bunch of information that you must know for triggering your business and getting maximum merchants onboarded.

In this article, you may learn about the aspects that are the real gold mine for any online business. The best payment gateway for startups in India and for the existing online businesses are the ones that synchronize with the challenges of the dynamic digital payment industry.

Here you get an insight into how Lyra’s payment gateway provider helps you access everything that you may need for a quick, convenient and easy transaction every time the customer makes a purchase.

This payment gateway provider is the right platform if you have a group of valuable customers or wish to create more and you want every transaction to be smooth and viable for satiating the vital aspect of your business, which is, to make it secure and convenient transactions.

This serves the purpose of you getting the best payment gateway for accepting payments online and it becomes feasible for your customers to make payments for the services/products purchased from you online.

This is imperative for increasing your sales and getting your online transactions up to and activated.

Dive into some of the points below for understanding what offerings the best payment gateway provides to boost the reliability of your online business’s payment flow.

  1. Ideal modes of Payment

An online platform needs to be equipped with the ideal modes of payment for increasing the efficiency of every transaction.

Many payment gateways render you with modes of payment that are reliable and worthy enough for adding to the smooth payment flow of your online business.

Lyra’s payment gateway, being one of the best international payment service providers, is developed with UPI, American Express, Rupay, Visa, MasterCard, etc. as its modes of payment.

Lyra’s payment gateway’s online platform provides efficiency and excellence with regard to services by including the aforementioned modes of payment.

Thus, it is crucial for an online business to choose such a payment platform that renders the customers with a secure and robust payment pathway and thus, makes every transaction flow through with ease.

  1. Best success rate with the efficient technical support

A payment gateway provider gets you connected to efficient technical support and provides quick access to resolving any payment-related difficulties.

Provision of the backing of a team comprising expert knowledge, prompt solutions, and a robust technical manifesto plays a major role in upping your success rate with regard to online payments on a daily basis.

The online platform by Lyra provides the best success rate as it is backed by French technical support. Its robust, secure and highly innovative platform renders the clients with prompt response in case of any payment-related issue.

Its high success rate, robust technical support, and quick settlement time combine to provide the quintessential services to the customers every time.

Hence, the best payment gateways for startups and the existing online businesses in India are the ones with strong backing.

  1. Settlement time

This online payments platform should provide the customer base with the shortest settlement time.

Lyra’s payment gateway is a payment gateway provider that is designed and equipped with the technology that sails the customer through the process seamlessly and in no time. 

A payment gateway provider needs to be devised with the facility for robust and smooth transactions. It needs to satiate the customer base by authenticating the card details with the bank swiftly.

The best payment gateway encrypts the data of the customers’ payment details securely for the same and, thus, quickly connects to the bank for authenticating the customer and making the transaction through.

Hence, after the bank approves the transaction, it flows from the bank to the payment gateway and from there to the merchant’s account consequently.

As Lyra’s payment gateway/Lyra’s online platform is devised with the advanced technology to ensure a short settlement time, it aids the merchants with prompt transaction flow from their customer’s end.

  1. Secure and innovative payment platform

A payment gateway provider developed by a team with sheer expertise, knowledge, and skills is sure to get you a secure platform for online transactions.

The secure platform of Lyra’s payment gateway helps to process 2FA 3DS transactions and is certified with Visa and MasterCard, Amex, and Diners.

It is an innovative payment platform that offers services like Merchant Plug-in, white-label solution, and payment SWITCH.

Such payment gateway providers equip your online business with an innovative platform that is hassle-free and safe for carrying out transactions on a daily basis.

Merchant plug-in aids the merchant in authenticating the issuer/cardholder’s details with the issuing bank so as to make secure transactions each time.

It maintains transaction integrity while rendering the merchant with fraud & chargeback minimization. White label solution also plays a vital role in providing the bank with the ability to highlight its brand name while helping the customers access online payment services simultaneously.

Payment SWITCH adds to the robust and secure platform for authorization and switching solutions for payment system transactions. Moreover, it integrates with various transaction originating and authorization systems.

  1. Analytics

A payment gateway provider should not only help you access the service of accepting payment online via the website (CMS) and API but also should be able to share regular analytics of your transactions.

Its smart analytics board needs to serve you with the summary of transactions online with certain insights into the volume, number of transactions, and so on.

The analytics of an online platform must help you keep a tab on the success of your business and the number of sales has taken place online.

The inclusion of this service adds to the provision of services and makes the payment gateway be called the best payment gateway for start-ups as well as the existing online businesses in India.

Thus, it supports the government’s initiative for promoting Digital India and the Startups simultaneously.

  1. Hassle-free checkout and payment processing

An online payment service provider should be developed and integrated with the features that allow the customers to experience hassle-free checkout and a smooth payment process each time.

The payment gateway provider must be equipped with the technology to make payments via e-mail and SMS from where the transactions sail through smoothly with excellent payment processing, quick checkout, and overall ease to the customer.

  1. Real Quick on-boarding

The online payment platform should provide the best service to aid in the quick and seamless onboarding of every merchant.

It should successfully aid in taking the merchant on board with quick steps and prompt facilities from the technical end.

Lyra’s payment gateway is developed and run by a group of professionals who ensure smooth functioning and prompt response with regard to getting the merchants started with the benefits of the services offered.

This entire processing and operations are done with the constant working of our expertise with the swift French technical support as its base.

Such services make sure that the particular payment gateway remains the best one for startups and existing online businesses in India.

It should particularly provide one of the services as swift onboarding of the merchants and helping them make their online transactions at a rapid rate.

  1. Constant support to the customers

The online platform should be developed and dedicated to rendering the customers with constant support in case of any issues in concern with the transactions.

An online platform equipped with advanced and dynamic technology works persistently and thus, provides the customers with the requisite assistance every time.

As Lyra’s payment gateway is run by professionals that have sheer expertise and knowledge in this particular field, it provides the best service to its customers on a daily basis.

Such online platforms prioritize the support to the customer base and offer the same on an immediate basis.

  1. Multi-lingual solution

A payment gateway provider having been equipped with a multi-lingual base, aids the customers by helping them operate the platform in the language they are most comfortable with.

This benefits the customer base at large and provides them with the opportunity to make safe and quick transactions with sheer convenience and comfort.

Furthermore, Lyra’s payment gateway provides an immaculate experience with the downloading of the pages and a seamless transaction process in each language, successfully contributing to successful transactions on an everyday basis.

This, being one of the most crucial services rendered to the merchant, helps it gain a varied customer base that could consist of the buyers comfortable with multiple languages.

Standing amongst the most preferred partners for the financial establishments, Lyra’s payment gateway offers several features for rendering the clients with a secure, user-friendly and quick online payment platform.

It offers PCI DSS 3.2 security, an intuitive & easily accessible dashboard, and developer-centric ability.

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