Settlement Guide

About Settlement

Settlement, being a process of merchants receiving money by their customers, is an extremely important part of an online platform. It takes into account a number of steps for successful, safe, convenient and quick receipt of payment every time a customer of the merchant makes payment for goods/services purchased. To simplify the understanding, let us go through the segregated steps:

  • Cardholder inputs the bank account details on Lyra’s checkout page to pay for a product/service.


  • Authentication process follows post the details via OTP/3D secure and the money gets debited from the cardholder’s account. This is informed to the cardholder via a confirmation notification.


  • The transaction amount flows from card network through Lyra’s payment gateway and settles in its acquiring banking partners.


  • As soon as the payment gateway receives the amount, it is settled to the merchant’s bank account post fee deduction.
The complete process takes a time of T+3* business days for domestic transactions, T being the date of capture of payment.



What all can be done from the Merchant back office for Keeping a Track of Settlement from the Start

Providing merchant with access to the back office is an additional advantage to the business since the merchant is then able to get an insight into the details of transactions until settlement.


Merchant Dashboard

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Successful Transactions