Best Retail EPOS (Electronic point of sale) systems in 2021

Having a retail business means, you consider keeping your business up to date so as to keep up with the pace of advancements.

The most important function being conducting a thorough research for your product’s demand, you devise a business plan to trigger the success with enough and sufficient supply to the market.

For any retail store, the seamless and swift shopping experience is a must.

The one thing customers hate is wasting their time waiting for a transaction to happen.

The traditional cash payment takes too much time sometimes, both merchants/vendors and customers face problems like the odd amount, lack of change on customer or vendor side, etc.

As a solution, many merchants shifted on using a POS machine.

But the customer being a customer not necessarily carry his/her credit or debit card everywhere, not especially when he is in a hurry to buy shampoo or when in urgent need of 2 kg of rice or sugar.

What they have with them all the time is mobile.
That’s why it is important for a retail store to adapt to the future of payment collection – EPOS

What is EPOS?

E-POS is advanced technology available in the form of an API (Application) on your mobile phone.

Apart from making your transactions quick, secure and convenient, this technology is apt for an omnichannel aspect of your business.

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Lyra’s EPOS application is a must-have solution for any retail business. It is an app that can be downloaded from the google play store.

With the easiest interface, Lyra’s EPOS allows merchants and customers to have a seamless and swift transaction. This is a link sharing based payment collection solution.

Let’s see why Lyra EPOS is a good investment for a retail store.

Available right from your mobile play store:

Lyra’s EPOS is an online payment collection service that is available in the google play store as a downloadable application for Android as well as iPhone user merchants. 

Improve the service level / Increased convenience:

This solution enables digitizing and streamlining the shopping experience. It is extremely convenient to use this app with the simplest functionality and it offers on-the-spot payment collection.

Integrated with popular payment methods:

Nowadays many customers choose to pay with digital payment methods instead of cash.

It is important that customers can choose whichever payment method they are comfortable with.

Lyra’s EPOS offers popular payment methods such as EMV chip cards, UPI, net banking and mobile wallets.

Backed by strong and secure technical support:

Lyra’s EPOS is backed by a robust and secure technical support to provide the customer as well as a merchant with a hassle-free transaction.

This service offers maximum security with fraud and chargebacks minimization. With this merchant can avoid revenue loss and can maintain customer loyalty.

Savings on time and cost:

This solution eliminates the need for a physical POS terminal. This saves time and cost for installation, maintenance, and training.

Speeding up the transactions’ process is a great way to provide your customers with a great experience and increase productivity amongst employees.

This way the employees can successfully spend their time making efforts on those aspects that can benefit the business at the end of the day.

Thus, the time saved from not having to spend energy and efforts on taking each order physically from worker to the employer helps in faster processing and more utilization of saved time in doing something more beneficial for the business. 

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Business assessment:

With Lyra’s EPOS system, merchants can keep track of individual staff performance. The EPOS system successfully records the staff activity and helps the business in monitoring the performance of staff on a daily basis.

It helps the business assess and ascertain the high performers amidst the employees.

Some businesses highlight their top employees based on the number of items processed/delivered/served in an hour to the customers. It helps them create a competitive environment in the business environment and makes its employees perform well.

If one is not working in an environment where this is a useful metric, EPOS systems still provide a way of recording staff activity.

One can keep tabs on who has been voiding transactions, who dealt with a particular customer.

The ability to have this information recorded and to review is a great way to reduce fraudulent activities and maintain integrity in the workplace. This helps merchants identifying where exactly the business needs improvements.

It surely increases the business’ reach and the convenience to receive payments on the spot even while sending home deliveries. 

All in all, offer a better customer experience:

It caters to the need of an Omnichannel business, as it is always available on the merchant’s mobile phone.

As many retail stores do door to door deliveries this app helps on the spot payments with faster transaction rates.

The mobility enabled by using Lyra EPOS streamlines customer interactions and improves the overall customer experience contributing to an increase in revenue.

Lyra EPOS – a glimpse


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