E-commerce transformation in India gets its second wind, post Covid19 – 2021

The Indian e-retail market is seeing a steep increase in buyer penetration. Currently, the Indian market occupies fourth place with $850 billion of investment with a new E-commerce transformation facility.

But at the same time, most of it is largely unorganized. Driven by lower information prices, investments to improvise consumer experience, and lower data costs, online platforms are

introducing more innovative tools to onboard the next hundreds of millions of new customers while retaining the old ones.

With constantly evolving technology, the next wave of consumers will have a set of more evolved and different requirements than the existing set of buyers.

As India is embracing online services along with the federal government’s effort for Digital India, we are becoming more inclined towards learning more about online payments and their benefits.

The quest to learn and understand more about the market requirements is never-ending and given the dynamic nature of the digital industry, it is becoming more of a never-ending quest.

With the ongoing developments in the online payment industry, the one thing that worries the merchants is to accept online payments securely and promptly.

so, here are two options with which you can collect online payments from your customers easily and securely.

One way is to get your website or shopping cart incorporated with the payment gateway.

Lyra’s Payment Gateway offers a complementary combination to all the merchants with free installation and maintenance.

Lyra’s Payment Gateway not only gives your customers a unique online payment experience but also offers convenience for merchants.

With smart and dynamic routing, shopping cart plug-ins, analytics, transactions management tools, fraud management tools, and multiple payment options, you can get a tailor-made online payment solution designed for your business.

The second option is to get on-boarded with the payment entrance company’s API service and accept the online payments via your Mobile phone for every single purchase from your customer’s end.

With this terminal, the credit card details of the client are securely gotten onto the safe website accessed via Mobile phone.

Following which the transaction procedure starts and it needs to get settled in the fastest time possible.

Lyra offers an online payment platform called Lyra Payment Gateway that can be accessed with ease through mobile devices.

This tool is FREE to download and extremely easy to use. It brings in no yearly fee for upkeep and is neither chargeable for other services with regard to the installation.

This totally free online payment option includes all the benefits that come with the payment gateway making your life as a merchant easier.

With the user-friendly versatile payment integration approaches you choose, your online organization gets a boost with fast and protected payments.

Get onboard with Lyra today and enjoy the seamless and secure online payment experience with the fastest onboarding.

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